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The Best Men’s Socks

Feeling lost trying to choose the best socks for you? Does every pair you come across seem the same? We’re here to help. 

While socks may seem simple, finding the right fabric, fit, and features can change your life. Once you know what to look for, you’ll be able to shop with confidence. Let’s dive in!

How To Choose The Socks You Need

You may be surprised by the amount of variety and detail involved in choosing a pair of socks. Different fits and features may be better depending on your needs and the occasion, so it’s important to take everything into full consideration.

Below, we’ll go over four of the most important factors to consider:

  • Material/Fabric
  • Fit/Style
  • Length
  • Functionality (Ventilation & Cushioning)
  • Anti-Odor


Fabric is the foundation of a sock, so choosing the right material can make or break whether a pair works for you. The most obvious trait to consider is comfort: does the fabric feel soft and satisfying to wear?

Beyond comfort, though, the fabric will have a great say in the functional features a sock has to offer. While cheap cotton and synthetic materials can offer basic breathability and some moisture-wicking, superior fabrics such as our bamboo-cotton mixture offer exceptional levels in these features and more -- plus, they’re sustainable.

Bamboo socks have many benefits just by the nature of bamboo alone (trust us, it’s powerful stuff). The sustainability of bamboo and organic cotton also means you can walk with peace of mind, knowing the world is healthier, and those who produce the fabric live better lives.


The fit of a sock matters two-fold: for comfort and for practicality. Nothing’s worse than a sock that’s too loose and constantly needs readjusting -- except maybe a sock that’s too tight and restrictive to your foot.

Since most socks come in generalized sizes, the best way to ensure you get a good fit is by choosing a high-quality sock. This comes down to a mixture of the fabric used and the design choices in the sock’s construction.

Look for stretch capabilities, like our 4-way stretch technology, to ensure the fit is flexible enough to satisfy your needs. 

Socks with mapped cushioning and support also show intentional design, so you can expect the fit to follow suit, hugging the fit where it helps the most and staying loose where it needs to.


The length of a sock is primarily a choice of style, feel, and preference, but it does have some practical impact as well. We’ll go into more detail on the different lengths in the sections below.

You’ll also want to keep in mind what sort of footwear and legwear you intend to pair your socks with. While crew socks tend to go best with long pants, which style to wear with shorts is up to your preference. 

Functionality: Ventilation and Cushioning

Functional features might be easy to overlook in a sock, but don’t sell them short -- they can make a good pair of socks great. The most important function of socks is to keep you cool and comfortable.

Honeycomb Ventilation

Honeycomb ventilation is an innovative method of fabrication that will take care of the temperature regulation responsibilities for your feet. Keeping cool and dry is essential not just to how you feel but also to your safety and health. With honeycomb ventilation, your socks help your feet breathe, even under compression.

Mapped Cushioning

Mapped cushioning, as opposed to traditional cushioning, strategically places support exactly where it is needed most, while leaving unnecessary areas unhindered. It keeps your socks as lightweight and well-fitting as possible, while still giving you all the support you need.


 Thanks to the unique benefits of bamboo fabric, you also don’t have to worry about stinking up your brand new sneakers when you wear the right pair of socks. That’s right, socks made with bamboo fabric have natural anti-odor properties, so you can keep your feet smelling fresh, even after a workout. 

Benefits Of Crew Socks

Crew socks are a classic staple to any wardrobe, but finding your perfect pair still requires a few considerations. Whether you plan to wear your crew socks with pants or shorts, keep the following in mind:

Prevent Ankle Chafing

Without crew socks, any shoe that rises up to or above your ankle would likely chafe your skin to a significant degree. You’ll be more comfortable with a pair of high-rising socks to match your shoe.

Chafing can also occur from rough denim or even outdoor conditions, especially if you’re taking your socks into an active lifestyle. Choosing crew socks can help prevent chafing -- or if you’re set on tabbed socks, consider pairing with our Legendary Fleece Joggers.

Outdoor Usage

Hiking through the forest, running through high grass, or scaling some rocks? You’re going to want crew socks with you to keep your ankles that extra bit more protected. 

Many of these activities go best with mid to high rise shoes as well, such as hiking boots, making crew socks an especially easy choice.

Cool Weather

Crew socks give added warmth in cooler weather, keeping their soft fabric along your ankle and lower calf to protect from the elements. If you plan to be outside in the cooler months of the year, pick up some crew socks to stay cozy and comfortable.

Benefits Of Tabbed Socks

Tabbed socks are ankle socks with a slightly raised tab around the top of the heel. Besides the regular style, ease of wearing, and comfort benefits that come with low-rise socks, the innovative tab also makes pulling your socks on and off easier and prevents slipping.

Good For Warm Weather

When the weather gets hot, you may want as little fabric touching your skin as possible, especially if you’re staying active under the sun. Tabbed socks let your ankles and calves feel the breeze, so you’ll have an easier time staying cool and living it up.

Active Lifestyles

Staying cool and comfortable while you run is just as important as anything else to performing at your best. Choosing tabbed socks can help maximize your lower body’s temperature regulation, but don’t worry -- you won’t miss out on the cushioning and support.

Plus, the tabbed design will protect your ankle from chafing while you’re on a long run or even an extended walk or hike -- as long as your shoes have a low rise.

No-Slip Design

One of the best aspects of the tabbed design is slip prevention. There’s no worse feeling when it comes to ankle socks than the back of the sock slipping and sliding under your foot. This can be a huge inconvenience, especially in the middle of a workout or game.

With the no-slip design, the extended tab holds its ground and prevents your sock from moving where it shouldn’t, so you can stay focused on what matters—living your life.

Tasc Socks You Need In Your Life

If you’re looking for the ultimate sock that meets all your needs -- and then some-- look no further than our bamboo-organic cotton mix performance socks. You’ll find all the features listed above and a clean, minimalist style.

If you prefer the crew length, check out the Bambare Bamboo Crew Sock. Pick some up to stay dry and comfortable through anything that comes your way, even with the most active outdoor lifestyle.

For our innovative tabbed socks, you’ll find the Bambare Bamboo Tabbed Sock perfect for you. Take them out for your next run or bike ride -- you won’t regret it.


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