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What is a Quarter Zip? The Whole Story

Quarter Zip Pullovers: The Whole Story

The truth is that we all love the versatility of transitional staple pieces in our wardrobes. Perfect for those cool, chilly days, they are a must-have all year round. 

With the right fabric and design, your quarter zip will be something you can take everywhere and wear anywhere. Whether you are hitting the golf course, pairing it with your favorite dress pants, or going completely casual, everyone needs at least one quarter zip pullover in their closet. 

Where Can I Wear Quarter Zip Pullovers?

Quarter zip pullovers are perfect, lightweight accessories to pair with any outfit for any everyday occasion.  With their durable, high-performance fabric, these pullovers provide the ultimate comfort from the gulf course to the office and everywhere in between. 


When you think of going golfing, a polo shirt or a button down likely comes to mind as part of your attire. Of course, it’s important to double-check with the club on attire etiquette. If you do choose to go with a shirt that is non-collared, our Cloud Golf quarter zip pullover is a great classic option to wear to the driving range. 

While coordinating your outfits, make sure you are wearing something that allows flexibility during movement and ensures that you’re prepared for any weather. Especially if you’re golfing in an area with any risk for inclement weather, a waterproof quarter zip might be just the layer you need! 


Many of us love to go trail running or jog in our neighborhood, and one thing you should always have with you is your trusty quarter zip pullover. Whether you enjoy a morning jog or afternoon cardio boost, we love this lightweight layering option for those crisp, cool days. 

Now don’t get us wrong, quarter zips are a layering piece we love for all activities. We just happen to appreciate the superior moisture-wicking and sun protection of our Recess Quarter Zip quarter zip. As weather changes throughout the season, we want a piece that allows us to be prepared for anything, and this quarter zip does just that. 

Fitness Classes

We love being around like-minded people while working out. Motivation is huge when working out, and a fitness class offers that and then some. However, one thing you will notice about fitness classes is that the room usually feels like the arctic at the start. 

We always start our classes with a quarter zip pullover on. Because of the quarter zip’s lightweight design, you can easily tie it around your waist if it gets a little too hot. 

Outdoor Adventures

Being prepared isn’t just a luxury; it provides extra security while on outdoor adventures.  The last thing you want is to be underdressed. It’s all fun and games until the weather changes, and you’re unprepared for the elements. 

A layer that offers moisture-wicking ensures you also stay as cool and dry as possible, even if you’re working up a serious sweat. 


Any time we are headed out to travel or commute to the office, we always make sure to pack the essentials. A quarter zip pullover always falls into that category for us. Even in the summer, we tend to catch a chill at the slightest temperature drop. 

If you’re on a road trip, you have full control of the temperature, but even then, not everyone in the car always agrees. Anything other than a road trip, you have little to no influence on the temperature at all. For that reason, our pullover is never far away. 

What Features Should My Quarter Zip Have?

Technology isn’t the only thing you should be considering what features are important. How your clothes function and the value they add to your life matter. Here are some features you should be looking for in your next quarter zip pullover. 

Water and Wind Resistance

Having the right clothes for any climate can be a game-changer. You will be prepared for anything with the durability of multipurpose fabric and clothing. 

Underarm Mesh Ventilation Panels

No matter the weather outside, always ensure your body has the ventilation that it needs. Underarm mesh and ventilation panels help increase airflow around your body. They are a highly functional design element that can help you regulate your body temperature.

Reflective Details

Reflective details can help increase your visibility to others. This can be a lifesaver in situations where otherwise you may not be very easy to see, such as at night. 

Temperature Regulation

Fabric created with bamboo fibers can help you stay both warm and cool. Regardless of what the temperature gauge reads, you will be amazed at how your temperature is regulated with this fabric. 

When it's cool, it helps wick away moisture and maintains your body heat. When the temperature heats up, it wicks the moisture away, helping you to stay cool and dry. 

4-Way Stretch

Four-way stretch may seem like a puzzling term, but it’s actually quite simple. Fabric comes in four-way stretch, two-way, and one-way. It all boils down to how well the fabric is able to stretch and then recover from that movement. 

When considering a fabric's length and width, if the fabric can recover from stretching in both of those areas, it has a four-way stretch. This matters because you want your clothing to be resilient—so four-way stretch is the way to go.

Breathable and Lightweight

There is a reason why certain clothes are reserved for certain times of the year. When you think about all-season clothing, you want it to be breathable and lightweight. You can always add layers if need be, but you know you’ll always be comfortable with lightweight and breathable clothing. 

Quick Dry

If you have ever accidentally gotten an article of clothing drenched and are nowhere near a dryer, you will understand the importance of “quick dry.” Having your clothes drenched in sweat is not fun. Quick dry clothing ensures that the moisture is gone before you have time to be bothered by it. 

Sun Protection

The sun can be harmful without the right amount of protection. Even with layers of sunscreen, it’s still beneficial to have clothes do the double duty of offering UPF protection to the parts of your body covered!  


Man-made fabrics like polyester are known to trap in the unwanted odor from the bacteria on your body. Fabrics like bamboo do just the opposite. It has naturally occurring antibacterial properties that help with odor control.


You need a quarter zip pullover in your life, and at Tasc Performance, we think you’ll find the best selection of high-performance, adventure and everyday-ready quarter zip pullovers.  Shop our selection of ultimately stylish, lightweight, durable must-haves that’s versatile enough to work in all seasons. 

Expanding your wardrobe to include highly functional clothing for your active life is a game-changer. You likely have a closet full of hoodies and sweaters but may have never considered adding a transitional pullover. The time to change that is now. 


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