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Best Shorts to Sleep In: Sleep vs Workout Shorts

Sleep Shorts Vs. Workout Shorts: What's The Difference

Sleep Shorts Vs. Workout Shorts

You sleep every day, and if you’re here, you probably work out just as often. For the active person, making the most of your wardrobe means thinking beyond the workout and plan for all aspects of your day.

That’s where we come in. The differences between sleep shorts and workout shorts can be subtle or dramatic, depending on your needs and preferences—but you may find they align in more ways than you’d expect. We’ll outline some key factors to look out for below, so you can breeze through your daily routine in comfort and confidence. 


Chances are you’ve moved past the classic flannel pajama pants (no judgement here if you haven’t). With the most popular option off the table, it can become less obvious what to look for in a practical and aesthetically pleasing sleepwear option.

Thankfully, the features included in high-quality workout shorts translate seamlessly to leisure uses as well.


While the traditional sleepwear material is cotton, it can prove problematic in some practical areas. Traditional cotton doesn’t do a great job of temperature regulation, and if you do begin to sweat, it won’t keep you dry. Plus, cotton fabric can absorb odor, leaving a lasting mark from warm or uncomfortable nights.

To upgrade beyond the limited traditional fabrics, look for modern fabric blends such as the organic cotton and bamboo blend of our Carrollton Relaxed Fit Gym Shorts. Our high-tech blends combine the practical benefits of modern, eco-friendly fibers with the soft, comfortable feel of cotton. Our blend provides natural moisture-wicking capabilities, as well as anti-odor technology, so you can rest easy—literally. 


Speaking of comfort, a pleasant feel is one of the most important features to look for in your sleep shorts design. While settling in for bed, your sense of touch becomes heightened as other functions of your mind slow down.

In the past, it hasn’t been easy to find workout shorts or pants that come close to sleepwear in terms of comfort. The cheap polyester fabrics traditionally popular in activewear lack the soft touch of cotton. 

Now, however, with improved materials and more mindful construction, you’ll find the best activewear can easily compete with even the most comfortable leisurewear in terms of a satisfying feel. If you choose the right shorts, your workout shorts can double as your sleep shorts. 


A balanced fit is key to staying comfortable in bed so you can get your best sleep. Too much fabric and you’ll be rolling around and readjusting all night. Likewise, a fit that’s too constrictive will likely keep you from being able to relax.

Workout shorts are much the same. You need a loose enough fit that you don’t have trouble with your range of motion, but you also don’t want to have extra fabric pooling around you. It’s all about the happy medium. 


At the end of the day (literally), the functional features of your sleepwear are the most important. Your sleepwear should help you get a better sleep, not hinder you. Below are some of the most critical practical features.


You’ll need to sleep every day of your life, so you can count on your sleepwear getting significant usage. Even though sleep may seem like a light activity, you’d be surprised by the wear and tear it can cause over time. The last thing you want is the need to replace your sleep shorts every few months. A durable option is always the best option, and sleepwear is no different. 

Workout shorts are often designed with superior durability in mind, being built for high-intensity performance, so they are naturally ready to translate to under-the-covers usage too.


Keeping a comfortable temperature is one of the biggest challenges for many people when it comes to sleep. Even with the highest-quality climate control and bedding, most people will still experience a sweaty night once in a while. 

When those nights come, nothing is worse than waking up in wet clothes, trapping your sweat against your body. Look for high-quality materials, like the ones offered here at Tasc, that offer moisture-wicking capabilities to avoid those waking nightmares.


Why buy two pairs of limited shorts when you can buy one? You’re not likely to wear a pair of patterned pajamas to the gym, but a versatile pair of workout shorts that you can wear around the house and in bed? That’s the kind of value you’ll be glad you bought into.

If you’re really into versatility, check out the Weekender Elastic Short. Ready for anything, you can wear them for a workout, a night out, or a night in bed—they can do it all.

Style & Vibe

While practical elements typically should be paramount, aesthetic qualities can be just as important. Choosing shorts with the right style and vibe goes beyond outside perception—it’s about making sure you feel totally relaxed and in the right frame of mind for your situation.

Ready For Bed

You probably wouldn’t wear your work slacks to bed, even if they were extremely comfortable and practical for it. Why? They simply don’t have the right vibe. When you wear work clothes to bed, your mind will be continually drawn to work—the last thing you need to dwell on while winding down.

However, you don’t have to choose the typical flannel pajama pants or patterned shorts. Choosing sleep shorts with a neutral, versatile style will help you slide into the bedtime mindset with ease. Since many workout shorts take this route aesthetically, you’ll often find them appropriate for sleeping too.

Ready To Run

Another benefit to doubling your workout shorts as sleep shorts is the ease they can provide in the morning. Slide out of bed ready to jump straight into your morning run or head to the gym. While it’s a small difference, every little bit of efficiency you can add to your morning routine is important.

A Hybrid Approach

We love talking about the power of versatility and balance. Taking a hybrid approach to your sleepwear solutions is a great way to bring those two aspects into your daily routine.

With all the practical benefits of workout wear, they make sense as a natural substitute for traditional sleepwear. Combined with the additional utility they can bring into the rest of your day, they become an obvious choice.

If you’re still not convinced, let’s look at two more qualities that make workout shorts equally great for going to bed.

The Lightweight

The needs of sleepwear and workout wear can be surprisingly similar. One way they align is in favoring lightweight garments. Minimal material will keep you more comfortable and cool under the covers or out on the court.

Check out an option like these Recess 4” Athletic Shorts or the 5” version for Men to see what a pair of extremely lightweight, versatile shorts can do for your wardrobe.


Another need that aligns is breathability. This quality, mostly tied to the material used, is essential for a good pair of workout shorts or shorts to sleep in. 

While working out, you can expect to heat up and sweat, so a pair of shorts that helps your body breathe and regulate its temperature is paramount. 

You’re going to get warm under your covers—it’s important to avoid waking up in a hot, sweaty mess. Breathable fabrics go a long way towards preventing nights like that.

In Short (s)

You’ll find that many of the best qualities of workout shorts and sleep shorts align. If you’re looking to add efficiency to all aspects of your busy, active lifestyle, consider picking up a pair of shorts from one of our many options for men or women today!


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