Striped Shirts for Men: Are They Still Trendy?
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Striped Shirts for Men: Are They Still Trendy?

Striped Shirts for Men: Are They Still Trendy?

Some things remain steady and constant when it comes to fashion trends, while others are volatile and change frequently.

This is especially true in our modern age, where short attention spans are common, empowered by media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Tiktok that encourage bite-sized content and ever-changing trends.

Here at Tasc Performance, we try to help make things easier. Our experts identify what trends are expected to stick around and which ones to avoid based on years of experience and deep knowledge of diverse markets.

So today, we’re talking about one trend that’s riding steady in men’s fashion, particularly amongst active lifestyle fashion: striped shirts. The stripes that are killing it in everyday fashion are clean, crisp, and minimal.

Stripes: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

To say that “stripes are in style” is a bit vague; after all, there are so many types of stripes, and they are definitely not all on-trend.

The first things to establish, then, are just what kind of stripes are worth wearing, and conversely, which kind to avoid.

Let’s start with the good. Modern men’s fashion favors clean and minimal looks. There’s a time and place for flashy styles and statement pieces, but everyday styles should be neat if you’re looking to stay on-trend.


With the standard of elegant minimalism in mind, single-track stripes and micro stripes are the perfect patterns for men’s tops.

You might also find this kind of pattern under labels like chalk stripes, pinstripes, and pencil stripes. Certain windowpane patterns can work as well!

On the other hand, wide stripes, multitrack stripes, plaid, and similar patterns are simply too noisy to fit in with the sleek looks of modern fashion. Whether you’re dressing up or down, these are stripes to avoid.

Our Cloud Lightweight Polo in Brookline Stripe perfectly illustrates the type of standard set for modern stripes with a modern look matched by top modern performance quality.

Take a look at our Channel Stripe Everywear Polo for another example with an elevated micro stripe pattern.


Another way to ensure your striped shirts match modern appeal is to find a smooth gradient. In other words, jarring color contrasts aren’t the way to go.

White and gray are excellent choices for an elegant look. These neutrals can slot in as your base color (the wider stripes) or as the secondary color (the thinner stripes) with ease and work with almost any other color you can imagine, although shades of blue, red, and other neutrals are best.

Other Patterns

Stripes are certainly a popular option, but other patterns aren’t necessarily off-limits. The key is to keep in mind the same principles we’ve used to judge good stripes from bad.

Always look for a clean, elegant pattern, and ensure a smooth gradient of colors.

Dots are a safe way to go in many cases, although you’ll want to choose a pattern with small dots laid out symmetrically. A perfect example is our Ace Dot Cloud Lightweight Polo.

Unique prints are also popular, but this can be a dangerous area. If you’re going with a more bold print design, make sure it’s balanced out by a low contrast color palette. Something like our Cloud Lightweight Polo in Crane Print is a great example of a balanced but interesting patterned style.

Types of Shirts To Try Striped

You may have already picked this up from the examples we’ve been giving — polos are the best way to put these patterns into practice.

While there’s nothing necessarily wrong with a striped or patterned t-shirt, solid colors are very much dominating trends in that area. It’s typically best to stick with the most simple, reliable looks for your t-shirts and branch out with your polos.

Polos are a super popular look that we project will be sticking around for the long-term future, in large part thanks to the overwhelming success of athleisure attire and trends.

Now that activewear is becoming more and more fashionable for everyday style, performance tops are rising in popularity. Polos, in particular, are especially versatile today as they can be dressed up or down, fitting a diverse array of occasions to a tee.

A striped t-shirt can still be a great addition to your wardrobe. Our Spectrum Recess Tech T is a great example of how a unique stripe pattern can elevate an exercise basic into something a bit bolder.

Beyond Fashion: Essential Qualities

Modern innovations in fabric qualities and construction are a huge driving factor behind the success of athleisure.

Not all options are equal in this regard, so we put together this list of the most essential qualities when it comes to performance and other practical factors you should look for in your shirts, striped or otherwise.


Eco-friendly materials should be a must in any modern attire we make or purchase. The days of relying on traditional cotton and chemical-ridden synthetic fabrics can finally be behind us, thanks to the advent of sustainable green options such as organic cotton and bamboo.

Sustainability is about more than just pollution, although that’s a huge part of it. Unsustainable production practices seek short-term profits at the expense of long-term health, often wasting precious water resources and destroying farmland in the long term.

Sustainable practices are also important for the socio-economic wellbeing of the communities involved in production, from top to bottom.

In the modern age, there’s no reason we can’t do better. Choose fabrics like bamboo and organic cotton to take part in a brighter future.

Performance Qualities

The combination of luxurious comfort and performance qualities is what truly makes athleisure so successful — when you choose the materials, that is.

Thanks to powerful fabrics like bamboo, superior moisture wicking and breathability are at your fingertips, meaning you can stay cool, dry, and ready to perform during exercise of any intensity level.

Combined with natural odor resistance, sun protection, and a super soft feel that rivals your favorite pajamas or silk robes, shirts with modern materials like bamboo are packed with ultimate versatility.

You shouldn’t need to change your top between commuting, going out with friends, working out at the gym, and relaxing at home. When every top you own can do it all, you’ll be prepared every day to handle any challenge that comes your way.


Still feeling unsure about stripes and other patterns? Play it safe and go for the most minimal, elegant looks first. Once you’re feeling more comfortable, you can mix it up with unique prints or dots, but always follow the essential guide above for a clean, modern look.

For all the most up-to-date information on trends and everyday men’s fashion, the Tasc Performance blog is the place to be.


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