The Best Fall Sports and Apparel
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The Best Fall Sports and Apparel

The Best Fall Sports and Apparel

Fall brings brisk, chilly winds and ample opportunity to enjoy activities outdoors as the leaves change color and the days get a bit darker. 

What better way is there to keep up your energy and maintain your summer activity levels than playing some of the best fall sports?

Of course, you’ll need the right fall sports apparel if you want to look and feel at your best. Fall sports attire can help you perform at your peak and keep you feeling comfortable and cool no matter how much you happen to sweat. 

Let’s take a look at the best fall sports and apparel options in detail.

Our 5 Favorite Fall Sports

Fall is the perfect season for a variety of outdoor activities in sports. Here are some of our favorites, plus what you should wear to enjoy the game as much as possible.


Hiking is always a fantastic way to get outdoors and watch the leave change throughout the fall. On an autumn hike, it’s not so hot that you want to wear as little as possible, but it’s also not so cold that you have to stomp around in thick boots and jackets. 

What To Wear for Fall Hiking

It’s always a good idea to plan what you’ll wear for a fall hiking trip. That way, you can protect yourself from the cold and stay comfortable for the duration of the hike.

Generally, jeans or durable leggings are perfect for a fall hike. You'll also want a breathable, moisture-wicking long sleeve shirt and a T-shirt that you can swap out depending on the temperature outdoors.

In addition, shoes make a big difference when you’re covering miles of mountainous terrain. When you hike, you’ll want boots with support for your feet and extra traction so you can walk safely on the trails. 

Before you go on a hike, you might also want to consider cargo shorts or pants for the extra pocket space. Just be careful when selecting shorts, as walking without full-length pants could end up hurting your shins and ankles.


Golf is a popular sport in the fall since it’s not cold enough to make the game uncomfortable to play. Still, you’ll want to update your golf wardrobe a bit to account for the lower average temperatures.

The Best Golf Apparel for the Fall

Luckily, the best golf apparel for the fall is pretty straightforward. You want:

  • Khakis or chinos
  • Long-sleeved shirts (or short-sleeved if you aren't afraid of the lower temperatures)
  • A hat to keep your head warm and the sun out of your eyes
  • Soft spiked shoes to keep yourself from slipping on wet grass

Polo shirts and golf-ready pants can be found in lightweight, breathable fabrics like bamboo viscose and cotton blends. However, you should also consider getting a pair of gloves. The right gloves can help you grip your golf club more firmly without running the risk of it slipping out of your hand on a fall day.


Maybe you want to keep up your tennis skills in the fall so you'll be ready for a big tournament come spring or summer. 

In that case, you need to keep practicing in the right tennis clothes, so you don't lose your edge.

What To Wear for Fall Tennis

The best tennis clothing combines mobility, moisture-wicking performance, and breathability to keep you cool while you dart from place to place. You’ll need:

  • A moisture-wicking, breathable T-shirt and shorts
  • Leggings or a skirt
  • High-quality tennis shoes, designed not to mark the court
  • A hat or visor to keep the sun out of your eyes

Prioritize getting tennis clothing in the right material and size. Bamboo viscose and cotton blends are perfect for tennis enthusiasts; these materials are exceptionally lightweight, very flexible, and ultra-breathable.

So, when you break a sweat playing tennis, bamboo cotton clothing will help that sweat evaporate and keep your body temperature down. 


Running in the fall is a favorite pastime for many people, and for good reason.

It's warm enough that you don't have to wear sweats or very thick clothes while running, yet cool enough that your body temperature usually stays down — even if you run for a while.

What To Wear While Running in the Fall

When running in the fall, you should consider breathability and moisture-wicking technology when looking for the best clothes. Try to find joggers, dash shorts, T-shirts, and tank tops made of materials like cotton and bamboo.

Our unique blend of these two materials is lightweight, ultra-breathable, and flexible to the max. More importantly, it helps your sweat evaporate and wicks away excess moisture as it appears on your skin. That means you’ll stay cool and comfortable throughout your run.

When picking out joggers, shorts, or leggings, be sure that you pick pairs that come with pockets. Nothing is more annoying than carrying a phone around in your hand while you run or leaving essential accessories or protective items behind.


Yoga is an excellent choice for a regular exercise routine in the fall season. 

That’s because yoga can be done both outdoors and indoors, so you can easily move your yoga session inside if a particular fall morning or evening is a bit too brisk for comfort.

Regardless, yoga gets your cardiovascular system moving, helps you build up core strength, and can help you improve your flexibility with time. 

On top of that, yoga is a great practice for improving your mental and emotional health. There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that yoga balances you inside and out, so it could help you deal with the darker days of fall if you suffer from seasonal affective disorder or SAD.

What To Wear for Fall Yoga Sessions

Yoga sessions focus primarily on moving through a bunch of poses and holding those poses as best as you can. That means you need to prioritize formfitting, tight clothing, like fitted tops and shirts. Breathable or loose T-shirts aren’t the best choice since they could snag or flop around.

Similarly, you could pick up some conforming stretch leggings or go for some short shorts, like bike shorts or athletic shorts, to keep your legs breathable and cool during your workout. 

Other common clothes for yoga sessions include low-impact sports bras for women, hair ties, and grip socks — special socks with extra textures on the bottoms to help them grip yoga mats and avoid slipping on hard surfaces.

Make Your Fall Wardrobe Complete

As you can see, you have lots of choices when it comes to fall apparel.

However, the best fall sports clothing is made of ethically sourced, breathable fabric, like our cotton and bamboo viscose blend. This unique blend is not eco-friendly. It also feels phenomenal and can wick away moisture as your body sweats.

Best of all, we offer lots of high-quality bamboo activewear articles. From sports bras to joggers to T-shirts and more, we have everything you need to enjoy fall sports all through the season. Check out our bamboo clothing selection today!


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