The Best Spring Sports and Apparel
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The Best Spring Sports and Apparel

The Best Spring Sports and Apparel

Spring is finally here, and what better way is there to say goodbye to winter than to get outdoors and play some sports? Say goodbye to indoor tennis or working off extra calories at the gym. Now, you can head outside and practice your favorite sports with your friends. 

Who knows? Maybe you’ll even participate in a few competitions.

No matter what your sport of choice might be, you’ll need the best spring sports apparel to look and perform at your best. Tasc Performance can help you in more ways than one.

Our 5 Favorite Spring Sports

There are lots of popular and engaging spring sports to enjoy as the weather turns warm. For us, though, five spring sports stand head and shoulders above the rest: tennis, swimming, hiking, running, and golf. Once the winter season is over, these are our favorite ways to break a sweat.

What unites them? Each of these sports either takes advantage of the ideal outdoor weather. Plus, they’re fantastic summer and fall sports as well.

Of course, you’ll only be able to enjoy these spring sports if you have the right clothes. So, let’s take a look at what you should wear for each of these games to stay comfortable and play your best.


Dressing well for tennis means maximizing flexibility and versatility. You don’t need to wear overly-tight clothes to perform well, but good tennis activewear should protect you from the sun, keep you comfortable throughout long matches, and allow you to dive for the ball when necessary to block a spiked serve.

What Every Tennis Wardrobe Needs

To start, you should wear a pair of functional (and relatively short) shorts. Women are often allowed to wear skirts while playing tennis as well. Remember, your legs need to be able to extend quickly so you can chase after a ball.

Tank tops, T-shirts, and visors are ideal for upper wear ideas. Like your shorts, your t-shirts should help you stay flexible on the court. Shirts with moisture-wicking capabilities and extra breathability can keep you cool and comfortable if a given tennis match stretches on for longer than you expected.


Swimwear should bridge the gap between style and function. That means it should be lightweight and skin-tight. After all, the less drag your clothes produce, the faster you'll cut through the water like an arrow. However, you might want a few swimming accessories to make your efforts easier, like goggles, a swim cap, and so on.

The Perfect Apparel for Springtime Swimming

Springtime swimming calls for a form-fitted swimsuit, such as trunks for men and one-piece suits for women. However, you’ll also want to collect a few accessories for your springtime swimming sessions. They include:

  • High-quality goggles to keep water out of your eyes
  • A swimming cap if you have long hair. This piece keeps hair out of your face and makes swimming a little easier.
  • A robe or several towels to cover yourself up and dry off after leaving the water

If you plan to swim often, you might consider picking up a pair of lightweight athletic trunks. These can double as swim trunks/shorts but also include pockets for you to store waterproof accessories.


Hiking apparel should combine lots of smart design elements at once. 

It needs to be flexible enough so you can maintain your maneuverability while also being breathable and moisture-wicking, so excess sweat evaporates rather than clinging to your skin.

It’s also a good idea to find hiking clothes that offer some UV protection. Comprehensive protection from the sun’s rays is critical when taking extended hikes, especially if you hike high up in the mountains (where you’ll be closer to the sun) or if you have fair skin. 

What To Wear on a Spring Hike

Of course, you need great hiking shoes to enjoy your spring hikes without straining your feet and ankles. Other essential hiking apparel includes:

  • A baseball hat to keep the sun out of your eyes

  • Comfortable and sturdy pants. If hiking on a paved path, shorts are best to provide better breathability. If you’re hiking in the wild, pants are the only option since they protect your skin.

  • Polyester, merino wool, or nylon underwear, which all wick away moisture and provide chafing protection

  • A warm jacket, especially if you hike in the mountains. Spring is known for its thunderstorms, after all!


Running-focused activewear is ideally light, moisture-wicking, and convenient — you don’t want to carry your phone on a long run while training for a marathon. There's more to running well and running comfortably than good shoes. Here’s what you should wear when running in the mild, comfortable weather you can expect from spring.

What To Wear for Running in Mild Weather

Whether you’re planning a long run or a light jog, you can’t go without high-quality running shoes. Aside from this, you should also wear:

  • Running shorts. Dash shorts are popular, newer options for women that combine pockets with the benefits of shorter than average activewear. Both sexes should also consider 2-in-1 shorts, which include compression layers for added support and chafing protection
  • Good socks
  • A comfortable, moisture-wicking, breathable T-shirt or tank top


Golfing clothes might look more stylish than functional, but that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, high-quality golfing apparel is both comfortable and flexible, allowing you to swing as hard as possible. Plus, golfing apparel prioritizes sun protection, especially since many games can last for hours.

The Best Spring Golfing Outfits

Your golfing outfits should include a few key items:

  • A hat or visor to keep the sun out of your eyes

  • A golfing polo shirt with short sleeves. Most golfing shirts are a little longer than standard polo shirts so they stay tucked in

  • Lightweight, breathable pants made of khaki, cotton, linen, and so on

  • Shorts are another option, especially if they’re not too short

  • Golfing shoes with soft spikes

  • A rain jacket in case you encounter one of the above-mentioned spring thunderstorms! 

Honorable Mentions

We can’t forget some of the other sports that make springtime such a fun season. Below are some more games to try your hand at this spring:

  • Volleyball
  • Lacrosse
  • Softball
  • Gymnastics
  • Track and Field
  • Cross-Country
  • Field Hockey

Stay Comfy and Look Your Best This Spring

Good news; you can upgrade your wardrobe and fill in any gaps you might have quickly and easily with tasc Performance. Our shirts, shorts, and other activewear options benefit from a few key factors:

  • Ultimate comfort and flexibility. We design activewear for athletes of all skill levels but always prioritize your ability to move and stay comfortable throughout your workout or sports game.
  • Moisture-wicking technology to keep you feeling great as you sweat up a storm.
  • Sun protection to keep your skin guarded against harmful UV radiation.
  • A unique proprietary fabric blend of organic cotton and bamboo viscose.
  • Responsible manufacturing practices — in fact, 120% of tasc’s local wages and benefits are paid to factory workers.

Stop by our online store and see what we have to offer. Upgrade your game this spring with new activewear from tasc.


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