Types of Leggings: The Ultimate Guide
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Types of Leggings: The Ultimate Guide

Types of Leggings: The Ultimate Guide

Leggings are form-fitting, comfortable, and perfect for athleisure-minded folks like you! These pants are popular choices thanks to how flexible and comfy they are. You can wear them at the gym just as easily as you can throw them on at home.

Of course, no two pairs of leggings are perfectly alike, and it’s always a good idea to find the right pair for your body shape, comfort preferences, and other needs. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the main types of leggings and break down which ones are best for specific purposes.

The Different Legging Lengths Explained

Leggings are mainly separated based on the length of their legs. After all, leg length affects how a pair of leggings feels and works more than almost any other factor (aside from material). Different leggings also suit different body types or sportswear themes.

What Are Full-Length Leggings?

Also called ankle-length leggings, full-length leggings reach all the way down to your ankles. They are perfect for combining with other workout wear like T-shirts, tank tops, and ankle boots. Full-length leggings are an excellent choice for working out in the winter or when going on a jog in brisk, cold weather. 

As a plus, full-length leggings can make your legs look a bit longer if you’re more on the petite side, especially since many are high-waisted, a trendy fit in many types of pants. High-rise and high-waisted leggings can be full-length or shorter-length.

Some full-length tights are called “jeggings” if they combine denim with the slim fit of yoga pants. These aren’t really meant to be activewear and are instead designed for casual occasions or lounging around at home. As a result, they’re often made of spandex or low-quality materials since they don’t need to stand up to wear and tear.

Other full-length leggings are super tight “compression leggings.” This fit can help to stimulate blood flow when you wear leggings. They’re popular choices for athletic leggings as well, since they are skintight and don’t get in the way. However, they can still work as a casual look with other casual wear articles like tank tops.

What Are Knee-Length Leggings?

Knee-length leggings end just below your knees — hence their name. Their comfortable shape and leg length make them perfect for a variety of workout activities, including hiking and yoga. Since they expose a bit more skin around the shins, you’ll find that your legs feel a little cooler while wearing them.

Due to their increased flexibility, many people prefer knee-length leggings when doing leg workouts at the gym.

What Are Mid-Calf Leggings?

Mid-calf leggings, also sometimes called crop leggings, end between the knees and ankles. 

This cutoff length makes mid-calf leggings look phenomenal with longer shirts, high heels, and lots of other clothing articles. Alternatively, you can pull your socks up to your shins for extra comfort or protection.

In any case, mid-calf leggings are favorites for athletes due to their increased breathability and flexibility.

What Are Footed Leggings?

Footed leggings (also known as full-length leggings), meanwhile, cover your entire leg. More importantly, they also stretch over your feet. 

This makes them perfect for dancers or workout enthusiasts who want to emulate that aesthetic. Naturally, they go well with heels or ballerina flats. However, keep in mind that your legs and feet might be a bit warmer with these leggings than with other kinds.

What Are Stirrup Leggings?

Stirrup leggings are also frequently referred to as horseback riding pants.

However, they’re also popular leggings choices for those who enjoy yoga, skiing, and other outdoor or physical activities aside from riding horses.

These leggings are skintight and very conforming. As a result, they’re ideal for any situation when you might be worried about your clothing snagging on something or feeling loose. 

Why Bamboo and Cotton Leggings Are Our Favorites

As you can see, there are many different types of leggings you can pick up. Regardless of the style or length you prefer, remember that the legging fabric matters more than almost anything else.

That’s why we make each of our leggings with our proprietary bamboo viscose and cotton blend. Here’s why we’re such big fans of this combination of fabrics.

Moisture-Wicking Technology

For starters, bamboo and cotton leggings are inherently sweat-wicking

When you sweat, bamboo and cotton leggings should wick away the moisture, making you feel comfortable instead of sticky during your workout. 

However, bamboo and cotton leggings don't absorb moisture the same way as materials like nylon. As a result, they don't stink nearly as much, even after you spend an hour at the gym.

Superior Breathability

Even more importantly,bamboo and cotton leggings offer phenomenal breathability. 

When you work out in clothes made of this material, your sweat can still evaporate off your skin, enhancing its cooling properties.

This perk is doubly important if you like to work out outdoors in the spring and summer — or if you just tend to sweat a lot. Extra breathability will also enhance your performance; as you cool off, you’ll be able to keep up an intense pace for longer without running the risk of overheating.

UPF Protection

As an added bonus, bamboo and cotton leggings provide excellent protection from UV radiation. 

In fact, well-made bamboo fabric has a total UPF rating of over 50. That means you’ll be protected from the majority of the sun’s rays. The effect you get is comparable to high-quality sunscreen.


That’s not all these leggings have to offer. Bamboo cotton leggings also provide extra flexibility. 

As a result, you’ll find these leggings comfortable and stretchy, but not in a way that docks their long-term value or makes them feel saggy after a few months.

Since the leggings are flexible, they can snap back to their original sizes and shapes without any trouble. You won’t need to pick up another pair of leggings for a while thanks to the high-quality material and four-way stretch technology.

Cooling Material

Lastly, bamboo and cotton leggings are inherently cooling. 

This cooling power works in tandem with the other benefits above to make your workouts easier than ever. 

Since they are moisture-wicking and breathable, bamboo and cotton leggings should help your body temperature stay at a reasonable, comfortable level, even if you work out as hard as you can.

Leggings for Adventure-Seekers

Each of the types of leggings listed above could be perfect for you, depending on your needs or preferences. 

However, you should always aim to purchase leggings made of comfortable, eco-friendly material, no matter what style or fit you pick.

Not sure where to pick up bamboo and cotton leggings? We can help! Our line of ultra-comfortable, ethically-produced bamboo viscose and cotton leggingsare made with you – and the planet – in mind. 

Check out our women's bamboo leggings today!


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