Types of T-Shirts: The Ultimate Guide
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Types of T-Shirts: The Ultimate Guide

Types of T-Shirts: The Ultimate Guide

T-shirts are perhaps the most common upper wear apparel item ever. Sure, you wear jackets and thicker shirts in the winter and tank tops in the summer while working out, but T-shirts are perfect for exercising, going to the movies, and everything in between all year round.

Every once in a while, you need to pick up another few T-shirts to replace sweat-stained ones or old tees that have collected a few holes over the years. Let us help you find the right T-shirts for your needs by exploring the many types of shirts to consider.

Every Type of T-Shirt Explained

Turns out, there are so many types of T-shirts it’s easy to get lost in your search for a few good new ones for your exercise sessions, relaxing with your friends, or taking a significant other on a date.

The first step to buying a perfect tee is determining the type of T-shirt you want to purchase. So let’s break down the different types of t-shirts, one by one!

What’s a Crew Neck T-Shirt?

Crew neck T-shirts are the original, classic T-shirt variety. They’re called crew necks since they were originally used by rowing crews. However, these are also sometimes called scoop neck t-shirts. Crew neck T-shirts are distinguished by their circular neck openings and basic sleeves.

Unlike many other T-shirt styles, crew-neck T-shirts are worn fairly often by both sexes. They’re versatile, flexible, and suitable for all sorts of situations and needs. Most graphic t-shirts and sleeveless t-shirts are variations of crew necks. Your favorite printed t-shirts probably have the crew-neck style as well.

What’s a V-Neck T-Shirt?

V-neck T-shirts are stylish for both men and women and are defined by their titular v-shaped neck openings. V-necks can be worn by themselves or to conceal an undershirt depending on the length of the V and whether or not the shirt has any extra buttons.

Feel free to wear a t-shirt with a V-shape neck beneath dress shirts or polo shirts or to wear it by itself.

What’s a Raglan T-Shirt?

Raglan (half-sleeve) t-shirts are clean, cool, and stylish all at once. Put simply, these T-shirts are characterized by their long sleeves that go from the collar to the wrists. More importantly, the sleeves are usually a different color compared to the rest of the shirt.

For example, you might find a Raglan sleeve shirt with an all-white body or chest area, then blue or red sleeves. These look fantastic for almost any body type and are trendy right now, but they don’t usually show up as graphic tees.

What’s a Long-Sleeve T-Shirt?

You can have long-sleeved T-shirts? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

Not exactly. Long-sleeved T-shirts do indeed have a different sleeve length, just like Raglan T-shirts. But they still count as T-shirts since they have the same basic style, neckline, and material composition as short-sleeve tees.

Lots of folks wear long-sleeved T-shirts when they need to look a little more put together or formal but appreciate the fit and comfort of a classic T-shirt. They can replace sweaters and other long sleeve apparel in lots of social situations or when running errands. 

Some long-sleeved shirts are collar t-shirts, while others may look more like blazers with thick shoulders and padding around the collarbone.

What’s a Polo Tee?

A staple of semi-formal occasions and golf courses, polo T-shirts are very stylistically unique. They feature foldable collars, a few buttons down the neck’s center, and short sleeves.

Polo T-shirts are perfect for summertime dinners, outdoor barbecues, and plenty of other occasions, though they’re not the best for getting a sweat on due to their limited flexibility.

What’s a Boyfriend T-Shirt?

The popular boyfriend T-shirts aren’t just worn by women with male significant others. They’re worn by both sexes and are characterized by a generally baggy, loose t-shirt fit. Many boyfriend T-shirts also end a little below the waist, making them seem a bit longer or oversized compared to slim-fitted shirts.

What’s a Henley T-Shirt?

We can't forget Henley T-shirts: a unique and highly fashionable T-shirt style more suited for socializing than exercising. Henley T-shirts are defined by a short placket located beneath a round neckline. More notably, Henley T-shirts don’t feature distinct collars.

Think of Henley tees as blends of polo shirts and basic T-shirts. Henleys can vary a lot in terms of their color, exact style, and shape.

What’s a Ringer Tee?

Lastly, odds are you’ll find so-called ringer tees in your search for a new T-shirt. At first glance, you might think that this T-shirt type is essentially identical to a round-neck shirt – and you wouldn’t be far off!

But ringer t-shirts are truly unique under the surface. In a nutshell, ringer T-shirts feature contrasting color bands on the sleeve hems and the neckline. So, say that you find a plain blue T-shirt in the ringer style. The areas just around the neck and just around the sleeves will be different colors than the same shade of blue.

It’s subtle, but it can make a major difference when you’re setting yourself up for style points. 

All in all, ringer tees are great if you appreciate the simplicity and classic look of crew neck T-shirts but want something a little extra or more colorful for your personal pleasure. Ringer tees are suitable for casual and everyday occasions or errands, plus wearing to the gym or on a run.

What Every T-Shirt Needs

Aside from style, a few other major factors affect whether one T-shirt or another is perfect for your preferences and needs. We recommend looking for these three elements before buying a new T-shirt of any variety.

Lightweight, Breathable Materials

Make sure your new T-shirt is made of lightweight and breathable materials. The more lightweight and breathable a T-shirt is, the more comfortable it’ll be – and the better it’ll work as an exercise apparel piece (if needed, of course).

For example, the majority of tasc’s T-shirts are made from our proprietary organic cotton and bamboo viscose blend. This unique blend is not only lightweight; it's also moisture-wicking, helping to keep you cool and comfortable throughout your activities.

Protection From the Sun

The best T-shirts also offer protection from the sun. Odds are you don’t put sunscreen on beneath your clothes, even on a hot summer day! That means your T-shirt serves as the only shield for your skin against harmful UV radiation.

As you already know, tasc’s quality T-shirts offer stellar sun protection, defending your skin with a UPF rating of over 50.

The Perfect Blend of Comfort and Functionality

Stylish and aesthetically pleasing T-shirts are awesome — but don’t discount the value of comfort and functional flexibility. Many men and women want T-shirts that can double as casual upper apparel pieces as well as workout shirts.

Therefore, you might find that the best T-shirts are those that blend functionality – by being made in a flexible shape or style – and comfort – by being made with a lightweight and breathable fabric.

Meet Your New Favorite T-Shirt

Of course, there are many other t-shirts to consider, like longline t-shirts, hooded t-shirts, and pocket t-shirts. But ultimately, T-shirts are the flexible and functional upper wear articles you need to start and end your day right. 

Plus, they’ll serve you well in the gym or on a run – especially if you buy specially designed T-shirts from tasc Performance.

Our men's T-shirt collection, for instance, comes with fitness-focused tees ready for use and whatever you plan to throw at them. They're available in several colors and are breathable and moisture-wicking to the max. Check out tasc’s T-shirts today!


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