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Underneath Shorts: What Are They?

Underneath Shorts: What Are They?

No one wants to have an unexpected moment of indecent exposure. At any given moment, we want to be as prepared as possible for an unexpected breeze or any other accident that might reveal more than we want.  

Although some are risk-takers and commando is the way to go, we would rather be safe than embarrassed! As part of putting together any outfit, we like to find some form of coverage that offers a little bit of privacy, just in case. Heck, we even like to sleep in a pair of shorts. 

So, what are underneath shorts, and how do we incorporate them into our daily lives? It’s more simple than you think. 

What Are Underneath Shorts?

Short shorts, biker shortsboxer briefs, underwear, and boy shorts are some of the many names given to underneath shorts. 

Whether you’re wearing a dress, a skirt, or anything else loose fitting enough to cause a sense of fear at the nearest breeze, underneath shorts can be your new best friends. Underneath shorts are also sometimes considered the tight-fitting, stretchy part of a pair of shorts that sits close to your skin, while there’s a looser part on top.

Why Do I Need Underneath Shorts?

Underneath shorts can be built in as an additional fabric liner. In certain clothing, this can help add a layer of modesty. You can also add your own shorts underneath your clothes to offer an additional layer of comfort and security. 

Here are some added benefits underneath shorts can offer. 

Prevents Chafing

An extra layer of lining in your shorts can help prevent chafing. When your skin is exposed to moisture, friction, and fabric that might cause irritation, you have the perfect recipe for chafing. 

Underneath shorts can be a crucial layer to prevent sweat from accumulating and fueling the chance for chafing. 

Not only do your underneath shorts serve a great purpose to prevent chafing, but clothing with bamboo fabric also naturally wicks away moisture. 

Provides Support

In the same way that sports bras offer a lot of added protection, the clothing underneath your shorts can also offer support. During the basketball game, for example, you are running around and jumping all over the court. You want the freedom to move about, but you also want the added support during the most extreme activities. That’s what underneath shorts are for. 

Wicks Moisture

Trapping sweat on your skin can be an avoidable hazard to your health with the right clothes. It’s great to work up a daily sweat, but you don’t want it sticking around to irritate you or your skin. With bamboo material, moisture comes, and then it goes. Man-made fabric like spandex requires a chemical applied to achieve what bamboo fabric does naturally. 

You want the shorts underneath your clothes chemical-free and moisture-wicking. 


You want the bacteria that causes odor neutralized in a chemical-free way before it even starts. 

Shorts that contain bamboo fiber naturally have this ability. Antibacterial properties are built into bamboo fibers directly from Mother Nature. 

The only place you’ll have to worry about an unpleasant smell coming from is the bottom of your shoes when you wear shorts made with bamboo fabric. 

What Can I Do in Underneath Shorts?

There isn’t much you can’t do while wearing underneath shorts. Since leisurewear has crossed over into high fashion, it is acceptable to wear activewear pretty much anywhere. 

Leggings and biker shorts are a staple in every closet all year round. Here are some of the activities we are always wearing shorts to participate in. 


Highly functional is an understatement when it comes to wearing shorts for running. No matter the weather, you will always find someone still wearing shorts. The comfort and ease of movement make them extremely appealing, even when the weather is on the colder side. 

We love leggings season, but we equally appreciate the freedom of our bare skin against the wind. Running is an extremely freeing sport, and we feel like shorts add that extra boost of freedom. 

We especially love that you can get away with underneath shorts for an unrestricted way to get your workout in. 

Weight Training

During weight training, we live for great biker shorts. The perfect combination of fashion and fitness, these shorts can be as much of a staple as leggings. 

These shorts are so versatile that they have graced the runway along with an oversized blazer and sports bra. Our recommendation is high-quality, breathable fabric that isn’t see-through.   We love them as activewear as much as we love them for pure fashion. 

Hiking and Adventuring

During a hiking adventure, our shorts are a must-have transitional piece. We love a great short that offers a four-way stretch that maintains its shape. You don’t want your shorts getting loose around your thighs while hiking. This can cause unwanted friction. 

Adventuring requires flexible clothing we never pack for our adventures without a few pairs of shorts!


With tennis, you want to remain as active as possible without any unnecessary risk of exposure. 

Even with skirts that have a form-fitting waistband, the bottom portion of the skirt can be loose-fitting. When wearing a tennis skirt, for instance, you still want the beautiful silhouette and a compression short built-in underneath. Even if you are only wearing your cute tennis skirt for fashion purposes, it’s still reassuring to know you have the added coverage underneath. 

For men, oftentimes under their shorts, they still want to have the added coverage of a compression short underneath. 


We love all shorts, both by themselves and layered under other items of clothing. From wicking away sweat, providing support and protection to our sensitive areas, and allowing us blissful, unrestricted movement, they never miss. With Tasc Performance clothing, not only is our clothing good for the environment, it offers a plethora of benefits that other clothing can’t come close to touching. 


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