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Unrivaled Comfort in Unforgiving Elements with Ryan Riggins

Meet Ryan Riggins

I’m Ryan Riggins and I am a Marketer by profession, photographer by passion and an explorer by default. I spent the last two years working in corporate America meticulously saving my paychecks in order to give myself the freedom to take time off from work. Currently, I am in an extended walkabout with a simple objective: to visit as many countries as possible navigating a tight budget. I believe it is exceptionally important to continually seek perspective through new experiences. While I’m not an influencer, I am to share the experience as it unfolds all while learning valuable lessons along the way.

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As a backpacker on a budget...

I have to be quite calculated with the items I select to bring with me. I need an eclectic assortment of apparel that can perform in diverse environments, while also seamlessly integrating with those who have an elevated sense of style in the occasional opportunity where fashion takes priority.

Tasc not only made the cut for pieces of apparel I chose to bring along, but the Integrated Tech Henley has confidently positioned itself as my most worn item in the trip this far.

" An eloquent balance of fashion and function, Tasc Apparel is breathable enough to perform in the arid climate of Morocco whilst providing additional warmth when the sun sets. "

- Ryan Riggins on tasc Performance

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Sale Integrated Tech SS Henley - tasc Performance (LightHeatherGray)
2 Colors Available

Integrated Tech SS Henley

$ 64 $ 26

Sale Switchback II Short - tasc Performance (all)(hover)
2 Colors Available

Switchback II Short

$ 72 $ 29

Sale Carrollton Long Sleeve T-Shirt - tasc Performance (PalmGreenHeather)
12 Colors Available
More Colors

Carrollton LS

$ 44 $ 35

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Shouldering packs for long hours is an occupational obligation as a traveler. Therefore the perforated rear of the Integrated Tech Henley helps to keep you cool on those hot days abroad. Complemented by a timeless style, it’s a valuable tool while abroad.

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Favoring apparel that not only functions but is fashionable, the Carrollton LS occupies a critical spot on my packing list because I can seamlessly transition from riding on camelback to sipping mint tea under the stars.

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