What Are Boyfriend Joggers and Why Do They Matter?
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Boyfriend Joggers: The Ultimate Comfort and Style Guide

What Are Boyfriend Joggers and Why Do They Matter?

Everyone needs comfortable, flexible activewear, especially for their legs. While sweats are best sellers for the cold winter months, what should you wear when you go for a run in the spring or summer?

Yoga pants, while tight and flexible, may not be the best choice since they aren’t very breathable. Instead, you might consider boyfriend joggers, a new type of jogging legging perfect for runners of all stripes.

Not sure what boyfriend joggers are and why they matter? Read on and learn how you can do yourself a favor by picking up a pair today!

What Are Boyfriend Joggers?

Joggers are super comfortable and flexible, but what if you’ve never worn them before? Here’s a quick rundown of what they are.

In a nutshell, joggers are lightweight, breathable athletic pants similar to sweatpants. However, instead of being great for a brisk winter morning jog, joggers are better for outdoor activities in the spring and summer.

Boyfriend joggers are joggers that follow the boyfriend-style cut. Like boyfriend jeans, boyfriend joggers are defined by their shape, cut, and comfort above all else. Who doesn’t want to go on a run in style and comfort at the same time?

Many boyfriend jogger pants come with short inseams, drawstrings, and elastic waistbands. They don’t have as high waists as what you’d get from other pants — you can’t really call these high-rises. 

Relaxed-fit pants are sporty, lighter than jogger sweatpants, and double as both lounge pants/loungewear and athletic wear. All of these factors contribute to a comfy experience comparable to wearing your boyfriend’s hoodie.

Boyfriend Joggers Have a Slouchier Fit

Boyfriend joggers are "slouchier" than regular joggers. That means they sit a little lower on the hips plus seem a bit looser about the thighs and shins. This slouchy fit goes well with tank tops, workout shirts, and sports bras.

Boyfriend Joggers Are Baggy, Cozy, and Comfy

More importantly, boyfriend joggers are supremely comfy, cozy, and even a bit baggy, thanks to their elastic waists. So, why wear them?

Lots of women find that joggers are the perfect workout apparel since they’re more breathable compared to boyfriend sweatpants or even straight-leg yoga pants. 

Joggers allow air to flow around your skin without being so loose that you run the risk of them getting caught on workout machinery at the gym. Yikes!

Boyfriend joggers strike a balance more toward the loose end of things. So, they’re fantastic if you want to exercise in the hot summer sun without sweating too much.

That’s not all these pants have to offer. Boyfriend joggers are also comfortable and perfect for wearing for a quick trip to the grocery store or for visiting a friend’s house. In other words, they’re perfect examples of the athleisure apparel trend.

Not All Boyfriend Joggers Are Equal

That said, remember that not all boyfriend joggers are right for you — or offer the same level of comfort. 

So, it’s smart to do your research and pick up boyfriend joggers that seem comfortable enough for your needs. In addition, look for a pair that fits well with your body shape, athletic level, and other preferences.

What’s a Boyfriend T-Shirt?

Many women pair their boyfriend-fit joggers with "boyfriend T-shirts": loose, baggy shirts that usually end a little below the waist. 

Named based on the fact that they're larger than the shirts women wear more often, boyfriend t-shirts also make fantastic workout apparel for the same reasons as boyfriend joggers. They're breathable and comfortable, and you don't have to worry if you stain them with sweat.

What To Look for in a Pair of Joggers

With summer in full swing, there's no reason not to pick up a couple of pairs of boyfriend joggers right away. The right boyfriend joggers let you move from the gym to an outdoor run to your favorite coffee shop without skipping a beat! So, which joggers should you choose?

Ideally, you should look for four major factors in a quality pair of joggers, whether they’re in the boyfriend style or not.

Moisture-Wicking Technology

First, the best boyfriend joggers should make use of moisture-wicking technology. Remember, joggers in general are tighter than sweats, and they cover your legs to your ankles. That means working out in joggers will certainly lead to lots of sweat (a big deal for your overall health).

Of course, the last you want is that sweat dragging you down or making a puddle on the floor at the gym. So you should make sure your boyfriend joggers can successfully wick away that moisture as it starts to collect on your skin. This is usually related to the materials a pair of joggers is made from. 

For example, tasc’s joggers (like most of our products) are made from a unique cotton and bamboo viscose blend. This special and proprietary fabric blend yields excellent moisture-wicking capabilities and ultimate stretchiness: perfect for running or enjoying leg exercises.

Lightweight Materials

Similarly, the best boyfriend joggers will be made of lightweight materials. Why does weight matter?

Each time you take a step on a run, you lift your leg up and push it forward. What you wear always affects how much effort your leg muscles have to produce to get the job done. The lighter the weight of your joggers or pants, the easier you'll find it to run, and the more comfortable your workout will be overall.

So, the boyfriend joggers on your wishlist should be lightweight! Luckily, you have lots of materials to try if you’re looking for a new pair:

  • Cotton is a solid choice for its moisture-wicking capabilities, low weight, and comfort.
  • Bamboo pants and joggers are also ideal since they don’t weigh much.
  • Tasc’s proprietary bamboo and cotton blend mixes the best of both materials and guarantees a phenomenal experience when you wear it.

When in doubt, look at a pair of joggers and see how much they weigh before buying. The heavier the material, the less comfortable they’ll be (and the closer your joggers will seem to sweatpants). Fleece joggers or joggers made of cotton can also often be cleaned with machine wash - but check the product details just to be sure!


The more breathable your boyfriend joggers are, the less your sweat will bother you. Sweating is great for your skin pores and for purging toxins from the body, but only if it successfully evaporates and keeps you cool. Plus, you want breathable pants so your sweat does its primary job and dumps excess body heat.

Aim for boyfriend joggers that seem loose and breathable enough that any sweat your legs generate will quickly be evaporated by the air. Overly tight joggers defeat the purpose – you’ll be better off picking up a pair of quality yoga pants instead if you want tight leggings for your workouts. 

Sun Protection

Last but not least, don't forget to make sure your new pair of boyfriend joggers offers sun protection! Keeping your legs shielded from the sun is vitally important, particularly in the summer or if you have pale skin.

Fortunately, quality boyfriend joggers like tasc’s offerings provide more than adequate sun protection, even on a cloudless day. Our athletic apparel is rated for 50+ UPF, making it comparable to the most effective sunscreen products.

Find Your New Favorite Joggers

It’s easier than ever to get a pair of boyfriend joggers; just check out tasc Performance’s collection right now!

We don’t just offer one or two pairs for you to slip on. Instead, we offer several different lightweight jogger varieties, each of which is made from the above-mentioned proprietary cotton and bamboo blend. Choose the perfect joggers for you by picking between different colors, styles, and more.

Why wait? Check out our boyfriend jogger selection today, which includes new arrivals to try.


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