Winning At Wimbledon
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Winning At Wimbledon

From the ultra-versatile polo shirt, to understated sneakers, tennis has always been a source of inspiration for classic styling. Wimbledon is the epitome of that sentiment - it's not only the host of great tennis, but also some of the world's most famous and well-dressed celebrities. We've compiled some fun facts and a collection of looks that will be sure to impress your friends as the tournament continues.

A Tradition Of Excellence

- Wimbledon is the world's oldest tennis tournament, dating all the way back to 1877.

- There is no sponsored advertising allowed on the court - a departure from most popular sporting events with fully-packed stadiums.

- Roger Federer holds the most men's titles with 8. Martina Navratilova tops the list for the ladies with 9.

- It's always played on grass courts, and the only Grand Slam tournament that is.

Serve Up An Ace

Wimbledon sells over 200,000 Pimm's cups every single year. Here's our fool-proof recipe for serving up the perfect glass:


- 2 Ounces of Pimm's

- 3 Ounces of ginger ale

- 6 mint leaves

- A cucumber slice

Fill a tall glass with ice, combine the first 3 ingredients and garnish with with the cucumber. (Extra points if you muddle the mint with a splash of ginger ale ahead of time).

Men's Tennis Shorts and Polo Shirt

Look Like a Champ

Although the players are only allowed to wear white, there hasn't been formal dress code for the spectators since 2014. However, Wimbledon always inspires us to dress for the occasion. Check out our collection of men's and women's looks that will be sure to make the cut on and off the court. 



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