The Women's Hoodie Jacket for Workouts
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The Women's Hoodie Jacket for Workouts

The Women's Hoodie Jacket for Workouts

When you think of hoodies, hooded pullovers, and other long-sleeve outerwear, the first thing that comes to mind is probably lounging with friends on a cool day, going out for coffee, or taking a walk in the park.

There’s no question that this classic style has a timeless look. With modern innovations, hoodies are becoming even more versatile and capable of handling any situation.

Today’s Tasc Performance guide is here to show you how the best modern hoodies can be much more than leisure pieces — they can work exceptionally well for workouts, too.

We’re going to go over the first-rate features that make this possible and some outfits you might try for different scenarios throughout each season.

Let’s jump right in!

What Features Should a Women's Hoodie Jacket Have?

The core of a women’s hoodie is still the same as any other: soft fabric, protection from the elements, cozy, and comfy with a relaxed overall vibe. This is true of a full-zip hoodie, a hooded sweatshirt, or even your favorite hooded crewneck.

Thanks to athleisure trends dominating fashion, it’s super easy to style a hoodie in all sorts of scenarios. However, most traditional hoodies don’t have what it takes to live up to the athleisure name. That sherpa fleece sweatshirt you bought on sale probably doesn’t have what it takes to handle your active lifestyle.

Some fleece hoodies and full-zip jackets may look like athletic styles and have a laid-back vibe, but they don’t have performance qualities for actual workouts. Those same performance features are key to total comfort while you’re relaxing, too. 

Even when you’re just chilling in an oversized hoodie sweatshirt, Nike sneakers, and your favorite leggings, you still benefit from the accessibility and functionality of high-quality clothes.

At the heart of the women’s sweatshirt issue is fabric. Traditionally, cheap cotton or synthetic fabrics like polyester have been used for pullover hoodies, crewneck sweatshirts, cropped hoodies, and other popular varieties. Sadly, neither of these fabrics are sustainable for the environment, and they each have performance shortcomings as well. 

For example, cotton, which is often used for making sportswear, is a heavy fabric that isn’t very breathable and traps moisture like sweat, which can easily cause overheating. Synthetic fibers solve those problems at the cost of chemical treatments, loss of soft texture, and trapping odors over time.

At Tasc Performance, we’re moving forward with better fabrics: bamboo and organic cotton. By blending the natural features of bamboo with the highly sustainable, soft touch of organic cotton, our fabric finds the ideal balance needed for athleisure: performance, quality, and comfort.

Superior Comfort

A hoodie isn’t really a hoodie if it’s not super comfortable. In the past, you’d likely need a separate long-sleeve hoodie for lounging around and another long-sleeve top for working out in cold weather, but our Tasc Performance hoodies can do both, thanks to our signature fabric blend.

You might think comfort comes down to a soft touch and proper fit, but there’s a lot more to it! Staying dry and cool (not too hot or cold) is vital to the way you should feel in your hoodie. In addition, an oversized sweatshirt or XXL zip-up hoodie sometimes feels even more comfortable than a tight-fitting one.

Breathability and 4-Way Stretch

Some of the most important features for feeling comfortable (even during a workout) are breathability and stretch capability.

Breathability refers to a fabric’s capacity for airflow. Rather than trapping body heat inside your clothes, a breathable material lets excess body heat out and some outside air in. This doesn’t mean your hoodie won’t keep you warm — quite the contrary. Ultimately, breathability is all about letting your body regulate its own temperature naturally.

Stretch capabilities are also key to comfort since they allow you a full range of movement without feeling restricted. This is especially crucial for working out in your hoodie, as you’ll likely be stretching those arms more than usual.

Sweat- and Moisture-Wicking

Thermoregulation isn’t just dependent on breathability. Your body also needs to stay dry to feel comfortable and cool. Moisture-wicking is a key part of that process, as it draws sweat from your body off your skin and releases it into the air as vapor.

The old-school line of thinking would tell you to get a women’s fleece, layer it with a cardigan, and wear a quarter-zip quilted pullover sweatshirt under all those layers to stay warm. On the other hand, you might think you couldn’t possibly wear a long-sleeve sweatshirt while working out on a hot day. In reality, with thermoregulation, your body stays warm when it needs to and cool when it needs to, whether you’re wearing a moisture-wicking short-sleeve t-shirt or long-sleeve zip-up hoodies. 

Bamboo is an excellent moisture-wicking material without the need for any chemicals, which is one of the biggest reasons for its exceptional performance during workouts.


It’s almost inevitable that your workout clothes are going to have to deal with some stink. You probably have a favorite half-zip in your closet that always smells funky after workouts. Even when you wash your clothes, most synthetic fabrics will trap odors over time and develop a lingering stench. With bamboo’s odor resistance, your workout clothes can stay fresh for much longer. 

UPF Sun Protection

You might think that wearing clothes is enough to stop the sun, but that isn’t always the case. Harmful UV rays penetrate most clothes even on cloudy days, which can cause numerous problems following prolonged exposure.

Thankfully, bamboo fabric naturally protects you from the sun at a rating of UPF 50+, which the Skin Cancer Foundations considers an excellent protection rating — their highest mark.


As we look towards a better future for fashion, we’d be wrong to ignore the impacts our clothes have on the environment and the communities around us. Improving our own comfort and performance at the cost of sustainability shouldn’t be an option.

At Tasc Performance, we strive to use responsible production practices with sustainable materials. From our roots to our newest styles, sustainability is our priority.

Choosing bamboo fabric and organic cotton instead of traditional cotton or cheap synthetic fibers is a great way you can also participate!

What Types of Workouts Can I Do in a Hoodie?

Now that we’ve covered what to look for in a workout hoodie, let’s talk about some ways to wear one! 

Our Varsity French Terry Hoodie is the ultimate women’s hoodie jacket for workouts, with a thoughtful design and our signature fabric, all working towards performance and comfort. Here are some scenarios to use it in.

Outdoor Exercise Classes

Exercise classes of all kinds — from yoga to kickboxing to cycling and everything in between — have become extremely popular. Often, these classes take place outside where the elements can sometimes pose a challenge. Even indoors, a gym or studio might crank the AC up a bit too high.

Having a hoodie that can keep up your workout is the perfect solution. Now, you won’t have to take off your hoodie after your commute. Keep it on while you exercise, with no trade-off in performance.

Pair our varsity hoodie with our ALLways Sports Bra and Recess 4” Athletic Shorts for your ultimate exercise outfit.


Your new favorite hoodies paired with our Varsity French Terry Shorts (in colors to match your hoodie, naturally), make an ideal outfit for hiking, too! Whether you’re hitting an intense trail in the mountains, or taking a more relaxed path, this fit will keep you comfortable. Hiking has never felt so relaxing.


While traditional hoodies are too hot and heavy for a run, our high-performance hoodies at Tasc Performance are built for just that kind of action. Pair your jacket with our Recess 3” Running Short and you’re set for success.

And So Much More!

Thanks to the innovations of our fabric blend here at Tasc Performance, the possibilities for our hoodies are almost endless. No matter the impact level, our hoodie is ready to keep up with your workout. Once you’re ready to relax, you won’t want to take it off. Paired with athleisure styles, a world of versatile, aesthetic outfits awaits.


We hope this article has helped show how women’s hoodies can be an excellent addition to any workout wardrobe — with the right features, of course. For more helpful guides and innovative fashion, keep coming back to Tasc Performance!


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