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Womens Lounge Pants Are Versatile: Workout, Walk, Lounge, Be Free

Womens Lounge Pants Are Versatile: Workout, Walk, Lounge, Be Free

Can you imagine a life without the invention of loungewear? Oh, how we love the freedom of lounge pants. If you throw on a pair of jeans, it’s unlikely you will want to also lounge in them, sleep in them, or head to the gym for a workout. In lounge pants, you can go from lounging around to running errands or for a walk and still feel completely free. 

They aren’t restrictive and allow freedom of movement. Did we mention you just feel free? After eight hours of wearing restrictive pants for work, most of us can’t wait to come home and pull on our most comfy lounge pants. 

We all need something we can wear in between the rush of work and life outside of work. One of the great things about lounge pants is they are also incredibly easy to take care of, and they are an option outside of pajamas. 

In reality, if you decide to keep it casual and head for a coffee or outdoor activity, your lounge pants are even first-date material. How’s that for a versatile piece? 

The Versatility Of Women’s Lounge Pants

It wasn’t until the 1800s that the rules and restrictions regarding clothing started to relax. Prior to this, clothes were quite restrictive and confining. Before you even put on an actual dress, there were layers and layers of undergarments. 

It can take women a notoriously long time to get ready, even today. Can you even imagine what it would be like to have to put on a chemise, bloomers, silk or wool stockings, garter belts, and a corset before you could even put on your regular clothes? 

Thank goodness the rules have changed. Lounge pants are versatile for several reasons. Let’s take a closer look at how they fit, where you can wear them, and our personal favorites. 

Flexibility & Fit

With all of the innovations in the way clothes are made, you can find lounge pants that fit your lifestyle. Why worry about odd pulling or bunching in weird places when it comes to your pants? It’s important to find a style that is right for you. 

They can be tight, loose, or come with a drawstring so that you can adjust the fit. There is a lounge pants style for everyone. 


Whether you like your workout gear form-fitting or a little bit on the loose side, lounge pants offer supreme comfort while working out. The last thing you want while working out is for your clothes to leave marks or restrict your movement. You know the sports bras and pants we are talking about: the ones that leave a distinct red ring because they don’t fit properly. 

Moisture-wicking, lightweight clothing that fits you comfortably is the ideal thing to look for when selecting what you’ll wear to exercise. No matter the temperature outside, it is always important to find pants that will help keep you dry and comfortable. 


Walking is one of the easiest things you can do to get some physical activity in for the day. Not only is walking free, but you can enjoy the scenery and unplug from the world for a while. 

When we go out for a walk, we definitely want to be as comfortable as possible. A long relaxing walk requires your pants to be able to move along with you. Lounge pants with 4-way stretch allow you to fully stretch out your legs with each step—no more worrying about being restricted by your clothes. 


After a long day, all we can think about is slipping on something comfortable and relaxing. There is an art to lounging. Some lounge pants can be extremely uncomfortable. It’s important to find your go-to lounge pants so that you can lie on the couch for a nap in comfort.

We have prepared a list for you so that the next time you go to relax, you know exactly what to put on!

Allways Wide Leg Pant

The ALLways Wide Leg Pant is made from bamboo fabric that allows for the ultimate luxurious comfort. Featuring a wide crossover ponte waistband, there will be no tight cinching around your waist. 

Wide leg pants make for a great lounging option. Their free form allows for maximum movement and relaxation. These pants are the perfect drapey, casual pants that can be worn everywhere. 

Nola Pant

If you are looking for your new staple pants, look no further than the Nola Essential Pant. These pants give the feeling of your favorite pajamas but can be worn anywhere. 

Made from soft bamboo fabric, you will never want to take these pants off. Whether you want to wear them to bed, out to grab groceries, or anything in between, these pants are sure to be your go-to. 

Varsity Lightweight Jogger

The Women’s Varsity Jogger is made from bamboo fleece and is a semi-fitted style. This comfy, lightweight fleece jogger is built for any season.  Featuring a drawcord to adjust to your ideal fit, it also has side pockets to carry all of your essentials. 

We love a jogger that fits just right and helps you pull off an effortlessly stylish look. These cool joggers will have you strutting around town, running errands, grabbing a coffee, or lounging in the comfort of your own home. 

Weekender Elastic Jogger

This jogger isn’t just for the weekend. For starters, who doesn’t love an elastic waistband? The Women’s Weekender Elastic Jogger is sure to give you all the feels. Featuring side pockets, an elastic waistband, and elastic around the ankles, these joggers are lightweight and comfortable in all the right places. 


Lounge pants are no longer just for lounging around at home. Now, the right pair is a sign of good fashion sense. Whether you’re taking your dog for a walk, running errands, or exercising, these pants are more versatile than ever. 

Your lounge pants can convert to a hip casual outfit. There are so many styles when it comes to lounge pants, you have slim fit, wide leg drapey pants, joggers, and in any fabric you can think of. 

Lounge pants have evolved so much over the years. They were shapeless and baggy at one point. Now, rather than hide them away in the back of your closet, you want to show your loungewear off to the world. 

Finding a brand you can trust to deliver quality clothing is something we all strive for. At Tasc Performance, we always have your comfort in mind and will never compromise on the quality of products we use to get there. 

We are constantly focused on the latest innovations in order to produce quality clothing in the most responsible way possible. Our mission is to bring you clothing in a variety of textures, weights, and fabric blends to carry you through any season of life. 


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