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Women's Tennis Apparel: Style Guide

With summer right around the corner, everyone is gearing up for another great season of tennis at the local country club or community courts.

Even if you’ve never picked up a racket in your life, there’s no better time to get into the game. It’s accessible, easy to learn, but difficult to master – the perfect balance of challenge and fun!

Besides, tennis is a wonderful occasion to show off some cute and trendy outfits. You don’t even need to set foot on the court to enjoy the tennis-inspired clothing trends sweeping the nation.

Let’s talk all about tennis apparel and what you need to get started.

Is There a Dress Code for Tennis?

Aside from practicality and prestige, dress code is the real reason why we wear particular outfits for tennis. Some top-tier country clubs won’t allow you on the court unless you match the template – yes, it’s that serious!

Dress codes aren’t universal, of course, and you can wear almost anything you want if you’re just casually playing with friends at public courts.

However, we can learn a lot about fashion and functionality by examining these traditional dress codes, and it’s worth honoring the classics.

What Types of Bottoms Can I Wear?

While men tend to wear shorts on the court, women have a few more options to choose from. The key is to find garments that offer coverage, range of movement, airflow, and a bit of style.

Here are some of the best picks for women’s tennis bottoms.

Tennis Skirts

This is the year of the tennis skirt, and women are loving the wide variety of choices in this classic category. Tennis skirts blend the old school with the new and give you plenty of room to roam the court with confidence.

Some women like to wear compression shorts underneath their skirts for more coverage and a slight boost in stability and performance.


Is it a skirt or a pair of shorts? Why choose when you can get the best of both?

That’s the advantage of the skort, which is essentially a pair of shorts with flaps that present a skirt-like appearance. These garments have a slimming effect and might be considered more comfortable for newcomers to the tennis world.

Athletic Shorts

There’s nothing wrong with leaving the skirt at home and opting for a lightweight pair of athletic shorts instead. With shorts, you don’t have to worry about crossing your legs on the bench or an errant burst of wind at the wrong moment – you’re covered!

Some venues do not permit women to wear athletic shorts on the court (skirts only), but you should be fine to wear them in most instances.

What Tops Should I Wear for Tennis?

It’s time to talk tops – which ones are best to wear on the court?

Tank Tops

Look at the lineup at any major women’s tournament, and you’ll see that tank tops are the most prevalent article of clothing at the professional level.

These garments offer a maximum range of motion for the arms and shoulders and stay in place whether you’re sprinting, leaping, or taking a tumble.

Tanks are so versatile and come in many different patterns of straps and support systems across the shoulders and back. There’s no shortage of stylish and sleek tanks to fill your activewear wardrobe. Plus they can be worn to the gym, yoga studio, or anywhere else you want.

Quarter Zips

The quarter-zip will keep you covered when skies are overcast and temps drop. You’ll stay warm and cozy on the court without overheating and look great while doing it.

Warm and cozy is just the beginning. you can also protect yourself from getting too much sun with the quarter zip so that you can stay outside for longer without being too worried. 

Find quarter zips that are specifically designed for athletic performance, so you don’t get weighed down by excess fabric.

Long Sleeve T-Shirts

We love a simple short-sleeve tee when working out or competing in a match, but a little more coverage on the arms is sometimes required.

Long sleeve t-shirts are common picks for top-level tennis pros during tournaments in the early spring or fall, so take a page from their lookbook and try them out.

Sports Bras

Feeling extra confident and ready to show some skin on the court? You can wear a functional sports bra to keep your chest and upper back covered while letting the sun shine on your midsection.

In any event, you’ll want a supportive bra to wear under your tee or tank, so have a few ready to go in your activewear rotation.


A casual tennis sweatshirt is a lovely mix of coziness and cute comfort. The collars tend to be a bit more wide and loose, giving you room to swing with precision and strength.


Full-zip jackets might not seem optimal for the tennis court, but you’ve simply got to pick the right ones for the job.

Make sure they are light, form-fitting, and free of any excess fabric or features that might distract you from the yellow ball in front of you.

What Should I Look for in Tennis Apparel?

You know that tennis apparel should be comfy and sleek, but what other features should you look for? Here are a few to keep in mind.


We’ve all got favorites in our activewear collection, but are those pieces sustainable for the environment, the economy, and our own long-term use?

Make sure your tennis clothes check all those boxes and are fully sustainable in every sense of the word—and here at Tasc, we have you covered on all fronts.

Moisture Wicking

Tennis can be played casually, but when the competition ramps up, so will your heart rate and sweat production. Moisture-wicking fabric will be essential to stay dry and focused.


It’s often a game of inches on the court, and you need every advantage you can get. Lightweight materials ensure that you get to the ball fast and outpace your opponent every time.

UPF Sun Protection

When the sun is beating down, you might want some extra protection from those harsh UV rays.

UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) clothing rated 50+ will keep you comfortable for hours on end, rather than reapplying sunscreen every 30 minutes.


Oxygen is everything when performing at your peak, and that goes for your skin as well as your lungs! Breathable materials like bamboo viscose and organic cotton are a must.


Everyone wants to win the game, but style counts for a lot, too! Dress with fashionable fits and colors to make a great impression and enjoy the lifestyle in full.

How Can I Dress Up My Tennis Apparel?

Is your tennis wardrobe looking a bit plain? Dress it up with some accessories and flourishes to make the most of your style.

Tennis Jewelry

The tennis bracelet is a certified classic, but that’s just the beginning. Diamond earrings are a lovely addition, and so are lightweight necklaces that glimmer in the sun.


Are you blinded by the sun’s rays when the moment comes to lunge for the ball? That’s a recipe for a swing and a miss.

Visors are a classic tennis accessory that will look great with any outfit you put together. Plus, they’re lightweight and barely noticeable when you’re locked into the game.

Chunky Sneakers

Tennis sneakers are on-trend off the court, but let’s respect their origins. Made with comfy, cushy material, these footwear styles are functional and high-fashion at the moment.

Color Matching

Wear all-whites, and nobody will bat an eye, but why not mix things up at the club with funky colors and patterns? Pinks, blues, blocks, stripes – it’s all available and totally chic.


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