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Top Workout Shirts For Women: According To Fitness Experts, These Are The Best Types

Top Workout Shirts For Women: According To Fitness Experts, These Are The Best Types

Top Workout Shirts For Women

Feeling overwhelmed by the ocean of options on the activewear market? We don’t blame you—but don’t worry! We’ve got your back. 

Today we’re walking you through some of the best workout shirts you can find, based on features and fabrics that are both popular among experts, and proven in the field.

Breaking down the process of choosing a top will make the overall decision much easier, so we’re going to start with the basics. Let’s take a look at some important criteria now, then get into some details.

Comfort & Style

Obviously, function is essential to any workout shirt—that goes without saying. It can be easy to forget comfort and style, which can be just as important.

Choosing a comfortable workout shirt provides twofold benefits: you’ll minimize discomfort even during the hardest workouts, and you’ll also boost your own peace of mind.

Let’s face it, working out is not comfortable. It can be fun, uplifting, and much more, but comfy? Nope. The old adage “no pain, no gain” has stuck around for a reason. Only the pain from the physical process of the workout is worthwhile, though, so there’s no reason we shouldn’t minimize discomfort in every other area. 

Cutting out every outside distraction can go a long way towards helping you push to your very best. In many ways, choosing a stylish workout option will work towards this end too. Sporting a stylish top can boost your own self-confidence, eliminating any pesky insecurities or worries that might try to creep into the middle of a difficult session. 


Function, comfort, and style all start with the foundation: the material. For many years, the workout clothing market has been saturated with a plethora of cheap and environmentally irresponsible options, but now things are changing.

Innovative fabric blends, including highly sustainable options such as bamboo, have taken the workout wear material game to another level. The options we’re looking at today take advantage of these powerful new fabrics, setting them apart from the rest.


Athletic wear is primarily made for function, but that doesn’t mean it has to sacrifice aesthetics. Clean, minimal styles are totally on-trend for workout tops, as are sleek, neutral colors. Equally important to looks and function is the next criteria to look out for: Fit.


Fit is more than just simple sizing. The construction of every part of the shirt contributes towards maximizing your range of motion, comfort, and appearance. A fit that shows off the body without restricting motion is ideal, so look for balanced options that demonstrate mindful design choices.

Stretch fabrics are a huge bonus as well in regards to fit. High-quality materials with stretch capabilities will hold their base shape longer over time but still provide excellent flexibility at the moment when you need it.

Now that we’ve laid out what types of criteria to look for, let’s go through some of the best options you’ll find and see what makes them perfect for your workout wardrobe.

Nola Fitness T-Shirt

One of the first items you’ll want to pick up is a basic t-shirt top. T-shirts boast the ultimate versatility, both functionally and stylistically. Take them beyond the workout for an active weekend, a road trip, or a cozy night in the house.

The Nola Fitness T-Shirt is a perfect option to set yourself up for success from the get-go. The organic cotton, bamboo viscose, and elastane blend fabric indicate you can expect high-quality function and durability.

Thanks to the fabric and other aspects of the design, the top also boasts excellent moisture-wicking capabilities, breathability, and temperature regulation, so you’ll stay dry when the heat turns up. The top is also extremely lightweight, providing a cool and unhindered feeling.

Nola V-Neck T-Shirt

A similar item to the Nola Fitness T-Shirt, but with some key differences that make it worth your while to pick up as well! The most obvious difference is the style. The classic look of the v-neck may be one of the only looks more versatile than the simple rounded collar look of a standard t-shirt.

Plus, the Nola V-Neck T-Shirt sports a relaxed cut, rounded back hem, and side splits, so you can spice up your look. This really helps if you’re going to the same gym or track as often as we do! You can never have too many options—every little difference counts.

This shirt doesn’t slouch when it comes to function, either. You’ll find all the benefits of our feature fabric blend, including excellent breathability and moisture-wicking capability and UPF 50+ sun protection (especially important if you’ll be working out outside).

The 4-way stretch capabilities also ensure the fit and feel match the durability, so this top can stay a staple in your drawer for years to come.

Recess Quarter Zip

Workouts never stop—rain, shine, summer, winter, you’re getting out there and putting in the work. Stocking tops to support you when the conditions don’t is essential to make sure you never have to sacrifice a session or suffer excess discomfort.

The Recess Quarter Zip is the perfect option for that second layer of protection. As with the other top options available, it all begins with the fabric. Once again, the high-quality fabric blend pulls tremendous weight in function and comfort.

Other functional features include thumbholes (really helpful if you find the sleeves slipping during activities like tennis or yoga) and a lock down zipper with a garage, which keeps your profile slim and prevents any unexpected hindrances to performance.

Possibly the best part of the quarter zip is the look! The design is stylish and clean, enough to convince anyone this isn’t even a workout piece, but your favorite option for a night out! It might just become that option, too—give it a try today!

Recess Racer Back Tank

So you’ve got your two super-powered tees and an outer layer to support them. An excellent start, to be sure, but don’t forget a quality tank! 

Tank tops are more than another style choice. They’ll become essentials when the heat turns up in the summer months. You’ll also want to pick up a pair if you’re into hot yoga.

The Recess Racer Back Tank offers an extremely lightweight option for even the hottest conditions. On days where temperatures soar, you’ll appreciate having as little fabric touch your skin as possible—a nice benefit of the racerback design. Just remember to bring some sunscreen if you’re working out under the sun!

The superior fabric blend we’ve bragged about so much is back again, offering the best moisture-wicking, breathability, and stretch capability available, all without the use of added chemical finishes.


Picking out workout tops may not seem as exciting as shopping for a dressy outfit or new accessories, but trust us when we say the results can be just as, if not more, satisfying and fun. There are few things quite like the feeling of finishing a great workout knowing you performed your best, and nothing held you back.

Now that we’ve laid out some of the best options, that feeling is just around the corner. All that’s left to do is pick up the tops and get going. Happy trails!


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