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Keep Cool While Exercising With These Workout Tank Tops For Women

Keep Cool While Exercising With These Workout Tank Tops For Women

Especially when the temperatures start to soar, the right workout clothing is essential. If you have ever lack in motivation to work out, the right clothes can brighten your mood and get your motivation going. 

It can be challenging to find a balance between family, work, and making time for yourself. Our theory is if you put on clothes you love, you might feel more compelled to take the time to prioritize yourself by working out. 

Most of us would throw any old thing on to hit the gym, but that’s not always conducive to your best performance. Wearing clothes that trap your sweat and make you feel uncomfortable are guaranteed ways to want to cut your workout session short or to convince you that you don’t want to go at all. 

That’s where quality women’s workout tops come in! You can keep cool while exercising and look stylish while doing it. If you want to promote a more healthy lifestyle, purchasing activewear can help you get in the mindset to achieve your goals.  If you're looking for some inspiration, we’ve got just the thing. 

Women’s Workout Tank Tops

Whether you are going for a power walk, taking a jog, or going for a pick-up game of tennis, it’s important to stay cool while exercising.  A lot of people thoroughly enjoy the summer months and the warm weather that comes with them. Warmer weather usually means a little wiggle room for bare arms and less coverage in general. 

It can be challenging to know which workout tank tops are worth the investment. Personal style preference is definitely a factor, but so are fit and breathability. 

Even though it may seem that your body can handle the heat, it really needs our help in cooling down. Staying away from clothes that trap heat and moisture can go a long way in helping your body regulate its temperature. 

Style & Fit: Breathe Easy

Too much of a good thing can cause more harm than good. Even though your body has its own temperature regulating system, it’s important to do your part to help it stay cool. Fabric that is breathable not only helps keep you cool, but it can also prevent annoying chafing. 

Of course, the best workout attire is largely influenced by personal opinion. If you are looking for some great options, we have you covered. Women’s workout tank tops should help you stay dry and cool during your most strenuous workouts. 4-way stretch can allow for maximum movement while the fabric still maintains its shape. 

Typically, you want workout tanks that will help wick away moisture and are made of breathable material. You may find tanks for a bargain at any store, but you often get what you pay for. Rather than having to replace your clothes frequently, quality matters over quantity. To help you out,  we have created our list of top five favorites. 

Nola Tank

Not all tanks are created equal. Tanks that don’t hold their shape and can’t stand up to the washing machine are no longer for us! We are breaking up with cheap tanks, and it started with falling in love with quality fabric. Not only does looking good feel good, but it can also actually motivate you to perform at your best!

The NOLA Tank is a sustainably made and versatile activewear tank. It is everything you need it to be when it comes to performance, comfort, and breathability. Featuring an A-line fit, this tank is lightweight, moisture-wicking, and fast-drying, thanks to the bamboo fabric blend. For a casual-chic look, you can pair this with your favorite leggings, joggers, or athletic shorts. 

Nola Crop Tank

The NOLA Active Crop Top is unbelievably soft and made for those on the go!  Crop tops are a form of self-expression, and they just scream confidence. From streetwear to the gym, you can even pair this tank with a skirt for date night. We don’t know about you but ever since watching Dirty Dancing, we live for any reason to don a crop top. 

This active top does a lot of work to help keep you cool and dry. Don’t let the size fool you; this shirt covers you in all the right places and is right on trend while doing it. 

Recess Racerback Tank

The Racerback Tank HIITs all the right spots (see what we did there?). It offers you all the support you need and doesn’t get in the way of even your toughest workout. This tank moves when you move with its 4-way stretch. Made from our lightweight bamboo fabric, this tank is specifically designed to offer you the comfort you deserve.

Leave the strappy tanks for date night. With the racerback style, you won’t have to worry about straps falling off your shoulders. You can focus on your favorite activities and forget about the straps getting in your way. 

Varsity Tank

The Varsity Tank is a sweat-proof, temperature-regulating, breathable tank that you will want in your constant rotation. Buttery soft, with a “had for years” feel, this reliable tank will not let you down. We go out of our way to make sure that everyday essentials never feel ordinary. For a throwback feel, this tank features a ribbed bound crew neck. 

We don’t know about you, but we are constantly on the lookout for the perfect staple pieces to add to our wardrobe. This tank checks all of the boxes. The epitome of casual and cool, it can be worn with your favorite legging or even your favorite jeans. 

Everyday Silk Tank

The Everyday Silk Tank will astound you with its thermoregulating silk that can be thrown directly in the washing machine! No need to worry about handwashing or taking this tank to the expensive dry cleaner. Light as a feather, you will barely notice you have it on. 

This tank is universally flattering and luxurious. Made with sustainable material, this silk tank is like a comfy dream. Step outside the box, and you can even pair it with a blazer!

Round Up (In Summary)

It’s great to have some dedicated clothes in your closet for the time you spend in the gym. Some of us have our beloved pajamas, the soft sheets we can’t live without, or a favorite pair of shoes we don’t mind investing in. Finding clothes that fit, are durable, and can meet you where you’re at are essential and worth every bit of the investment. 

Mindset matters, and having clothes reserved for the gym increases the chances you will motivate yourself into going! It may have felt like trial and error in the past, but finding the right gym clothes does not have to be guesswork anymore.

Tasc Performance has made a mission out of designing clothes to meet your needs. We know that no one wants to have their clothes sticking to them. We know how important it is to produce clothing responsibly, and we know the importance of timeless staples. 

If you are looking to keep cool while exercising, our clothes are made with superior breathability.  They are durable, moisture-wicking, and having staying power but the stretch to move with you. 

Even when it’s tempting to skip your workout, key staple pieces and a look in the mirror can be all you need to get moving in the right direction. 


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