Company Values

We believe values are important, so we can stay true to our roots as we grow. Below you will find our company's core values and mission:

We value PEOPLE from our founders and employees to our vendors and customers; we treat everyone with respect and strive to be an honorable company.
We value a commitment to EXCELLENCE through dedication to consistently improve, innovate and foster intelligent curiosity.
We value AUTHENTICITY by encouraging open communication and honesty in all relationships.
We value HEALTHY LIVING and work to educate our consumer about the benefits of being active in tasc.
We value THE AMERICAN DREAM and work hard every day to prove that it is still possible to build a large lasting company from small family roots.


To enhance the active experience by creating original product that allows all people to feel free.

We define success by the expression on faces when our fabric first meets the skin. We exist to help people thrive in all aspects of life.