12 Features of the Best Travel Pants
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12 Features of the Best Travel Pants

You’ve got pants for work, pants for leisure, and pants for the gym – but what are you supposed to wear on your legs when traveling by train, plane, or automobile?

Travel pants are the next big thing in the world of legwear. They’re so comfy and versatile that you might just end up wearing them every day of the week, traveling or not! Name anything you do in your daily life. Anything you thought of you could easily do in travel pants because they are extremely versatile.

Let’s get into what makes travel pants unique, why you should add them to your list, and what features to look for when shopping for your first (or next) pair.

What Are Travel Pants?

It wasn’t long ago that the Wall Street Journal made the travel pants trend official. They identified a few distinguishing features, including stretch, moisture-wicking, anti-wrinkle capabilities, and overall comfort.

In short, travel pants are built for the road, whatever that means to you. They are perfect for cross-country trips, long flights overseas, or just a day trip to a local trail, lake, or mountain.

We think that travel pants are more than just a trend – they’re a long-awaited item that is here to stay for good.

Why Do I Need Them?

Wondering if you need a pair of travel pants in your wardrobe? If you’re someone who loves the freedom of the open road or you hop a lot of flights for work or leisure, what are you waiting for? Here are some reasons why travel pants deserve a spot in your closet.


Seasoned travelers know that comfort is everything, whether you’re in the driver’s seat or strapped in as a passenger.

Depending on the length of your journey, you could be stuck in place for hours at a time. Rather than being restricted by jeans or starchy business pants, try a pair of travel pants to make the experience so much more enjoyable.


If you’re traveling across the planet to visit a distant locale, you might be hopping between cars, buses, rickshaws, boats, prop planes – who knows what else?

Travel pants ensure you can handle any situation, no matter where or when. No need to swap outfits in a random bathroom on the side of the road when you’ve got the perfect adaptable pants.


Travel is all about the experience of being in new places, seeing new things, and embracing the novelty of it all.

You want to look good while doing it, especially if you’re capturing these crazy moments with your camera.

Travel pants look great with almost any combination of tops, shoes, and accessories. Rather than looking like an out-of-place tourist, you’ll be perceived as the travel pro you really are.

Ease of Movement

Travel is all about movement – not just getting in and out of vehicles, but also climbing staircases, scrambling over rocks, wading through shallow waters, and so much more.

The best travel pants are built for literally anything, allowing you maximum range of movement in any wild scenario you can dream up.


Veteran travelers know that packing light is key, which means bringing along as few pieces as possible on the road.

Travel pants are super convenient, taking up little space in your luggage and requiring minimal maintenance thanks to their wrinkle-proof, water-resistant abilities.

What Fabrics Should I Look For?

The key to the perfect pair of travel pants is in the material itself. Standard denim and cotton are not going to give you that comfy stretch or the lightweight durability you need.

Here are the fabrics you need to find.

Bamboo Viscose

You read that right: bamboo viscose is one of the most comfortable, soft, and technically advanced fabrics on the planet.

Not only is bamboo highly sustainable for the earth and the economy, but it delivers unparalleled performance when you’re traveling and conquering challenges. Sun protection, odor resistance, hypoallergenic – these are just a few amazing benefits that bamboo viscose provides.


While bamboo is the top material for travel pants, the best blends include some polyester as well.

Poly is known for wrinkle resistance, quick-drying capabilities, stain resistance, and serious durability. It’s the perfect complement to bamboo and helps make some lightweight – yet heavy-duty – travel pants for any endeavor.


You might not find a large percentage of elastane in your favorite pair of travel pants, but a little goes a long way.

This synthetic material is highly elastic and abrasion-resistant, giving your garments that extra durability for long-range travel and exceptional comfort.

What Features Should They Have?

Knowing what fabrics to look for, it’s time to talk features. These are the things that take your travel pants to the next level, so listen up!

Tailored Fit

Never too baggy nor too tight, the perfect pair of travel pants offers a slim and tailored fit that matches your physique and even accentuates your best features.

Most people prefer their travel pants to cut off at the ankle, and many even enjoy the cuffed style for a more dynamic, ready-for-anything look.


If your travel pants aren’t super light and easy to wear, you might as well just stick with jeans!

You’ll be skipping, hopping, lunging, and trekking miles in your travel pants, so the lighter, the better – as long as you don’t compromise on durability.


The beauty of travel is enjoying the open air and freedom of this big, open planet. Breathable fabric makes your travel pants so much more comfortable, especially in hot and humid climates.

This feature will give you that extra boost of “let’s do it” even when temperatures ramp up in the tropics, the desert, or the concrete jungle.


There’s no predicting what might happen on your next trip – that’s part of the glory of travel!

You might endure some slips, falls, scrapes, or other mishaps that put wear and tear on your wardrobe, and travel pants should be durable enough to stay strong the whole time.

Remember that travel pants should last years rather than months, so it’s worth buying the best.

2-Way Stretch

Don’t underestimate a bit of stretch when shopping for travel pants. Maybe you’re lounging, waiting for your next flight, or maybe you’re climbing over ancient dunes or ruins.

No matter what situation you encounter, 2-way stretch is a must-have feature for your pants. Once you experience it, you can’t go back to jeans or chinos.

Water Resistant

If you don’t end up in the water on your next trip, what’s the point of even going? Beaches, rivers, lakes, streams – even fountains in the city. There’s going to be some splash action at some point, so be ready with water-resistant travel pants.

The best travel pants dry fast and wick moisture so that the water doesn’t weigh your down. All you need to do is brush yourself off, soak up some sun, and keep going.

A Hidden Pocket

Experienced travelers know the power of pockets when traversing the planet. Two front pockets are the bare minimum for carrying cards, keys, and other travel essentials.

Better yet, find a pair of travel pants with a hidden zip pocket in the back, locking in the most important stuff like passports or cash. The zipper offers that extra sense of security you need when navigating the great unknown.

Travel pants are the latest and greatest trend, and now you know exactly what to look for when shopping around. Enjoy your comfy, stylish pants to the fullest, and safe travels!


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