How To Find the Best Hybrid Pants
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How To Find the Best Hybrid Pants

Sometimes, you need pants that are a versatile cross between joggers and thick trousers. The answer? Hybrid pants!

These flexible and effective legwear options are great for going on a hike, enjoying a camping trip, or engaging in any other outdoor activity. Still, no two pairs of hybrid pants are alike — if you want to really enjoy your adventure, you’ll need to know how to find the best hybrid pants on the market.

What Features Do the Best Hybrid Pants Have?

In a nutshell, hybrid pants are lighter than regular slacks or trousers but a little heavier than joggers. At the same time, they retain the flexibility and comfort of traditional pants. They’re suitable for running, jogging, enjoying other outdoor activities, and more.

However, the main benefit of hybrid pants is that you can wear them out and about without looking strange, even in some workplaces. They’re truly versatile legwear options that can be worn in a variety of circumstances.

To really take advantage of your hybrid pants, you’ll want to make sure that they have a few key features.

Ultra-Breathable Material

The best hybrid pants should be made of an ultra-breathable material, such as linen, cotton, or an organic blend of bamboo viscose and cotton. Ultra-breathable materials not only feel great; they also ensure that your legs don’t get too hot or sweaty, no matter what outdoor activities you may plan to enjoy.

Remember, the focus of hybrid pants is versatility. They should feel just as good running around outside as they should during a stroll around town with friends. Ultra-breathable materials, therefore, are super important! 

Don't get hybrid pants made with stiff materials like wool – they'll be far too heavy and uncomfortable for your liking.

Moisture-Wicking Technology

You'll also want to find hybrid pants made with moisture-wicking material or technology. In short, moisture-wicking technology involves weaving small capillaries into the material of a pair of pants. Those capillaries then draw fluid, like sweat from your skin, up into them to prevent you from feeling sticky and sweaty throughout the day.

Some materials, like cotton and bamboo viscose, are naturally moisture-wicking. But pants designed for moisture-wicking effectiveness will be far better than those that simply use one of the above materials and call it a day.

For example, Tasc Performance’s motion pants are made with moisture-wicking technology, as are each of our joggers and other legwear options. The more moisture-wicking a pair of pants is, the better – at least if you like to wear them while jogging or working out!

Secure Zip Pockets

High-quality hybrid pants should further have secure zip pockets. Zip pockets feature securable zippers on their edges that allow you to store valuables like your wallet, jewelry, and keys without worrying about them jostling out by accident, like while you’re on a jog.

Practically every pair of pants has pockets, but not all of them can keep your things safe like secure zippered pockets.

Wind and Water Resistance

Want to really buy the best hybrid pants on the market? Look for ones that come with wind and water resistance.

Wind and water resistant hybrid pants will:

  • Be more durable over time, even if you take them outdoors on jogs or hikes in inclement weather
  • Feel better when enjoying outdoor activities in inclement weather, such as a light rain
  • Stand up longer through regular wash cycles. Let's face it: Many washing machines aren't exactly gentle on clothes. Wind and water-resistant hybrid pants should last far longer, even taking this into account

In other words, wind and water-resistant hybrid pants are much better for those who like spending time outdoors. Of course, good water-repellent pants should still be cleaned from a standard machine wash cycle. This adds even more versatility – you don’t need to worry about washing these trousers with a special cycle or chemicals!

4-Way Stretch

Lastly, try to find hybrid pants that are made with four-way stretch abilities. Four-way stretch means that the pants will be flexible and comfortable for years to come, plus be resistant to tears. 

If the pants’ material can stretch in four different ways, it’ll be less likely to rip even if it snacks on something or if you pull them in a direction a little too roughly.

When Should You Wear Hybrid Pants?

As you can see, there’s a lot to like about hybrid pants! While you may not be able to wear them to more formal offices or get-togethers, you can wear hybrid pants in many different situations.


Of course, hybrid pants are great traveling clothes. They’re comfortable, lightweight, and look a little more put together and stylish than joggers are sweatpants. At the same time, they’re not as stiff and uncomfortable as jeans or tailored slacks, making them perfect for airplane rides or long car trips.

Going on Outdoor Adventures

Naturally, hybrid pants are perfect when going on outdoor adventures, like camping with friends and family members, or when hiking to a new picnic spot you've never been to before. As we know, good hybrid pants should be moisture-wicking and resistant to wear and tear: ideal attributes for any outdoor apparel.


That same moisture-wicking potential makes hybrid pants perfect for running. While joggers might be a little more comfortable, some prefer hybrid pants because they look a little better and can be worn out in public without having to run home to change.

Not sure which to choose? Aim for joggers if you plan to run for a long time, like while training for a marathon. If you’re going on a quick jog or like to run down to the coffee shop or bakery for a brief bit of morning exercise, hybrid pants could be right up your alley.

At the Gym

Since hybrid pants can be worn on a jog, it’s no surprise they can also be worn at the gym. Since most good hybrid pants are stretchy and durable, you can do any exercise on your mind, such as squats or deadlifts, without having to worry about inopportune rips or wearing down the pants over time.

Furthermore, hybrid pants are usually moisture-wicking, at least if they are made with good materials. That moisture-wicking potential will prevent you from feeling too sticky or sweaty during your workout.

The Hybrid Pants of Your Dreams

There are almost too many hybrid pants to check out. You can make your search easier by checking out Tasc Performance’s hybrid pants and joggers.

Our men’s Motion Pants are hybrid pants that toe the line between joggers and regular trousers or slacks. They’re a little heavier than traditional joggers, but they are much more comfortable than traditional jeans or workplace pants.

You might alternatively prefer our Recess Hybrid Pants. These pants come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs with the same high-quality features as our Motion Pants. Try out a pair today!



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