Best Style of Gym Shorts
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Best Style of Gym Shorts

As we get into the warmer months of the year, it’s time to start thinking about gym shorts. The clothing that you wear while working out can be just as important as the activities you’re doing in them, so it’s necessary to find the best gym shorts possible.

What To Look For 

There are several things to consider when looking for a new pair of gym shorts. The way that a design fits your body, the specific features offered by different styles, and the performance capabilities of the material all have an impact on your ability to work out to the best of your ability. While there are many factors to bear in mind, they all fall under a few basic categories:

  • Fit
  • Features
  • Material


There are many different preferences when it comes to the way that gym shorts fit. Some people prefer the ultra-relaxed style of basketball shorts, while some opt for a skin-tight fit — especially bodybuilders trying to show off every flexing muscle and cyclists looking to cut down on wind resistance.

While those are among the more extreme ends of the spectrum, most gym shorts fall somewhere between the two — neither shapeless nor overly shapely.

When it comes to the way your shorts fit, the most important thing to consider is your comfort. The longer you’re comfortable, the longer you’ll be able to stay active.


One of the most important factors in the comfort of athletic apparel is its ability to stretch. Whether hitting the gym, playing a pickup game of basketball, or breathing through a challenging yoga practice, you want your clothing to move with your body — not hold it back.

With that in mind, be on the lookout for gym shorts made from materials that allow for a full range of motion.

Elastic Band

If you’ve ever had a pair of gym shorts that gave out after a few wears or washings, it may have been because of a poor quality elastic band. The elastic band in the waistline of your shorts means the difference between a functioning pair of shorts and an embarrassing ankle accessory. So make sure that the elastic is durable and long-lasting.

You also want to make sure that it isn’t too tight or too loose. If the elastic is too loose, you risk the same embarrassment as with a shoddy, deteriorated elastic; if it’s too tight, you risk cutting off circulation. The elastic band in your shorts should be just the right fit, so that the shorts stay up but don’t squeeze you too tightly.

Pocket Size And Accessories 

There’s a delicate balance when it comes to the size of gym short pockets. You want to be able to carry your valuables around the gym with you, so a pair of shorts with tiny (or nonexistent) pockets isn’t incredibly practical. At the same time, you probably don’t need to carry around much more than a cell phone, keys, and a credit card for that post-workout smoothie — so you don’t need enormous pockets, which might get in the way of physical activity.

Some gym short pockets come with lightweight zippers or buttons to help hold the contents, which can be helpful so long as they don’t intrude on your workout. Think about the way that these pocket fasteners will feel, not only when you’re running on the treadmill, but also when you’re lying on a bench or a yoga mat.


With all the many styles of gym shorts out there, you’re going to have to narrow down your options by looking for specific features. 

Moisture Protection 

Since working out usually involves at least a little sweat, one of the most important factors to consider when buying athletic apparel is how the material will handle moisture.

These days, it’s rare to find a pair of gym shorts that don’t feature moisture-wicking properties. Moisture-wicking materials are engineered to pull moisture away from your body and rapidly dry it on the fabric’s surface — keeping you drier and more comfortable for longer.


Just as with moisture-wicking properties, the breathability of fabric has a major impact on your comfort level. Imagine working out in a leather jumpsuit — how much are you going to get done before you have to end your workout due to sweaty discomfort?

That’s why the best gym shorts are made to be extremely breathable. There are fabrics that contain micro gaps between fibers, allowing air to easily pass through — whether it’s warm air escaping your body or a pleasant breeze rushing in to cool you down. The more breathable the fabric, the more comfortable you’ll be.

Best Time To Wear These Shorts

We at Tasc Performance think it’s always a good time to wear shorts. If you live in a cooler climate, you might not want to wear them outside in the winter, but gym shorts are always a great option for indoor facilities.

But just because they’re called gym shorts, it doesn’t mean you should feel constrained to wearing them solely in the gym. Some of the best gym shorts are comfortable for wear in any casual situation while also being stylish enough for a stroll down the boardwalk in the summer sun.


The material that you choose for your gym shorts is also going to play a pretty significant role in how this article of clothing is going to perform for you. Here’s what you need to know. 

Why Choose Bamboo? 

We believe in the power of bamboo. Not only is this wonder plant capable of being made into soft, comfortable fabric, but it’s also one of the most environmentally friendly materials used in textile production today.

Bamboo naturally wicks moisture away from your body, and it also contains natural antibacterial and antifungal properties — unlike synthetic materials, which need to be chemically treated in order to have those properties.

Additionally, bamboo is extremely breathable, thanks to natural micro gaps in the fibers. Between this feature and the moisture-wicking, antimicrobial properties, bamboo fabric is ideal for use in athletic apparel — keeping the wearer dry and comfortable for longer, without the use of harsh chemicals.


While the natural comfort of bamboo fabric is undoubtedly an important factor when it comes to buying gym shorts, the sustainability of bamboo is what makes it truly special.

Unlike cotton, which requires a large amount of water to grow and process into fabric, bamboo can be grown with much less water (about a third of the amount used to grow cotton).

Additionally, bamboo naturally repels pests and sequesters nitrogen in the soil, so it can be grown without the use of unnatural fertilizers and harmful pesticides.

For many reasons, bamboo is a favorite among environmentalists looking for high-quality fabrics that keep the well-being of the planet in mind.


When it comes down to it, the best pair of gym shorts for you is the pair that makes you feel, look, and perform at your best.

At Tasc Performance, we have several options that are perfect for any activity, whether you’re a regular gym-goer trying to find a casual pair of shorts with a relaxed fit, a cyclist looking for an excellent pair of bike shorts, or you fall somewhere in between.

And because all of our clothing is made using natural bamboo fibers, you can rest assured that you’ll not only feel good about your clothing choices — you’ll also feel good about the way those clothing choices affect the planet on which we live.


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