Best Workout Shorts for Men
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Best Workout Shorts for Men

The best workout shorts for men make it easier to reach your fitness goals, whether you’re training for a tough marathon, heading off the beaten path, or pushing yourself to the limit at the gym. They should deliver on flexibility, modern technical design and features, and comfortable, breathable materials that last for many great workouts to come.

What Features To Look For In Workout Shorts 

Here at Tasc Performance, we believe you can get all that—without having a huge impact on the natural spaces we love. Our clothes are engineered, produced, and maintained with sustainability in mind, and the long-lasting, low-impact nature of tasc Performance activewear isn’t the only benefit. They’re also equipped with features like moisture-wicking properties, odor resistance, and even sun protection. When it comes to picking out the next great pair of workout shorts, here are just a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.  


Different workouts require different gear. That’s why the fit of your next pair of activewear shorts is so essential. Whether you’re looking for flexibility, protection, comfort, or support, it’s important to consider your fit options when picking out the next pair of shorts. 

You’ll also want to consider length when you’re looking for workout shorts. Some guys tend to stick with slightly more length, like these 8” Running Shorts, while others go for a slightly shorter length of around 5” to help them catch some rays.  

Elastic Band

Your clothing shouldn’t distract you from the next great workout. That’s why you deserve a pair of shorts that can keep up—and stay up. A reliable, comfortable waistband will ensure your shorts remain in place, no matter what new mountains you tackle next. 

Wicks Moisture

You’ll want to be on the search for moisture-wicking tech in your shorts. When a material is moisture-wicking, it soaks up the sweat you produce during each workout. That means your body can stay both dry and cool, so you can continue to push harder and run faster. 


Many synthetic materials are produced with chemicals that actually retain odors. Over time, those odors can be difficult to wash out, and that can mean replacing your activewear often. Natural fibers like bamboo don’t need to be chemically treated in order to function well for workouts, so your clothes last longer, and you can work out without worrying about unwanted odors lingering. 

The Best Fabric

There are many different types of fabrics used in activewear, and some are more supportive and helpful when it comes to achieving your fitness goals than others. Synthetic materials are treated with chemicals, which means they hold in scents and make it difficult to stay cool and dry when working out. 

Here at tasc Performance, the inner shell of these shorts is made of natural fibers that breathe easily and last longer, including bamboo and organic cotton—so anything that’s touching your skin is going to be as safe and effective a material as possible. 


Bamboo fibers are an excellent option for activewear for many reasons. To start, they leave little impact on the environment. They don’t require chemicals for performance, which means they breathe easier and won’t maintain odors or moisture. 

When it comes to bamboo, you’ll also enjoy added benefits. They’re helpful for athletes with sensitive skin, can provide sun protection up to 50+, and they’re even wrinkle-free. 

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is another natural fiber to look for in your next pair of workout shorts. Like bamboo, it doesn’t require chemicals or additives to produce, which means you can dispose of it responsibly. It’s helpful for biodiversity and local ecology, and it biodegrades in just a few months. 

Fit And Activities

The right activities require the right shorts. And that’s where the wide range of workout shorts available here at tasc Performance comes in. We believe you should have the tools you need to achieve all of your workout goals with ease, which is why we carry uniquely designed garments to make those goals accessible. Here are a few different fits and activities to consider. 

Relaxed Fit

Everyone needs a pair of shorts that can be relied upon for the day-to-day. Relaxed fit workout shorts are great for transitioning from a day out with friends to your next workout. You can also use them on the go, whether you’re headed out for a trip on the open road or need a comfortable and reliable pair for the next long plane ride. 

The relaxed fit shorts are also great for rest days. They’re comfortable, breathable, and easy to pack, so you’ll want to bring a pair on every adventure. 


The best gym shorts have plenty of give, but also plenty of support. While comfortable and movable, they’re not so loose or baggy that they get in the way when you’re trying to do that one more rep. Gym shorts are also great for cross-training and high-intensity interval training. You can move higher, stretch taller, and lift bigger—and your shorts will be behind you every step of the way. 


There are lots of great reasons to add bike shorts to your activewear wardrobe. They can help to provide support and protection no matter what the next ride might bring. There are many different types of bike shorts with unique constructions, materials, fits, and padding structures, and each one is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals and keep your body safe and protected while you navigate even the toughest terrains. 


When it comes to yoga shorts, it’s all about that perfect combination of fit and function. The right pair of yoga pants are comfortable and supportive. They make it easy to follow and expand your practice and flow without getting in the way. It’s also important that they’re comfortable and breathable, so that you can remain cool and focused throughout the course of your practice. 

The perfect pair of yoga shorts won’t make you feel constricted. They’ll reliably stay in place but won’t distract from your workout or your health and wellness goals with tight waistbands or immovable fabrics. The bamboo and organic cotton pants you’ll find here at tasc Performance are cool and breathable, making them perfect for that sunrise or beach yoga practice. 


Here at tasc Performance, we believe you should have the tools you need to meet your fitness goals and set them even higher the next time around, and the right pair of athletic shorts is the perfect place to start. Whether you like morning runs, camping on top of the next big mountain, or finding the perfect balance between body and mind with a yoga practice, there’s a great pair of workout shorts available to help you every step of the way. 

When you explore the shorts available in our collection, you’ll also have access to sustainable materials that have a low impact on the environment and offer a wide variety of benefits and features. Comfortable and breathable, the fibers that make up our shorts provide moisture-wicking technology, odor support, and even sun protection. 

Thanks to the larger fibers in natural materials, you’ll also get to enjoy unique, innovative knitting techniques, which means fewer seams and stitches, so you can focus on your goals and the journey ahead. Explore our growing collection of alternative material workout shorts for men and find the perfect pair to fit your athletic needs today. 


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