Jeff Evans: Featured in Everest Air
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Jeff Evans: Featured in Everest Air

tasc Performance has been taken to new heights, 29,035 ft to be exact. Jeff Evans, tasc Performance athlete, has taken tasc Performance apparel on the ultimate adventure, Mt. Everest. The result...Everest Air, a brand new show on The Travel Channel. Premiering October 26th. 

This past May Jeff led a team of sherpas and helicopters pilots on some of the most dangerous high-altitude rescues ever performed. Jeff and his entire team spent countless days on the side of Mt. Everest savings lives and performing rescue missions that had never been attempted before.  

Throughout Jeff's adventure, he trusted tasc Performance apparel to perform under all conditions. His go-to was the MOSOMerino (bamboo + merino wool) collection which is engineered for all-season performance and protection, which was much needed for his ultimate adventure. The combination of merino wool and bamboo results in a fabric that unites the best in technology and the best in nature.  It has the ability to absorb and release sweat fast while having a high warmth-to-weight ratio that maintains and regulates body temperature. More importantly, it naturally resists odor, which can helpful while performing 24-hour rescue missions in a tiny cockpit of a helicopter. 

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Jeff Evans Q & A

We caught up with Jeff when he got back from Everest and asked him a couple questions about his adventure. 

tasc: What did you take away from this experience personally?

Jeff: I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to work with an amazing team of Sherpas, helicopter pilots and production team in saving and impacting dozens of lives. Most importantly, those lives of the local folks up and down the Khumbu Valley.

tasc: How did tasc Performance play a role in your adventure?

Jeff:  I wore tasc products everyday, all day. Seriously… everyday. I was always comfortable in the wide spectrum of weather and temps as I would fly from the equatorial temps of Khatmandu up to the moderate temps of Lukla at just under 10,000ft all the way up to Camp 2 on Everest at 22,000ft… all in 1 day! tasc was essential for this project. I had enough to focus on… my clothing didn’t need to be a distraction.

tasc: What particular pieces of your tasc collection mean the most to you?

Jeff:  Taking it down to the most fundamental level, I wear tasc boxer briefs everyday. Favorite of all time. My next favorite piece would have to be the Elevation Hoodie. I wore it everyday this past season in Nepal. As a base layer or on top of the Hybrid Fitted SS or Hybrid LS, this was my go to for warmth and protection. I’m also a big fan of the neck gaiter and dome cap.

tasc: How was this adventure different from your past experiences on Mt. Everest?

Jeff:  The most significant difference was simply that, for the first time, I was not the one climbing. That was a bit tough to digest at first. All these other folks were headed up to climb and here I was… not. But after we conducted a handful of very intense rescues I embraced the idea that we were there to do something bigger than climbing. We were there to be of service to others.

tasc: What drives you to helping others achieve their goals?

Jeff:  This approach was planted in me many years ago as I elected to be the primary guide for a blind climber (Erik Wheinmayer) on mountains, rocks and races all over the world. We stood on the summit of Everest together with an amazing team in 2001 and have been able to use that platform to reach countless people in an effort to urge them to strive for big things… all the while, asking folks to think of ways to elevate others around them. 



Jeff Evans accompanied by his team of sherpas and helicopter pilots. 

Jeff performing critical medical treatment on climbers. 


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