Lightweight Hoodies: Comfort and Style Guide
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Lightweight Hoodies: Comfort and Style Guide

There’s nothing quite as comfortable or versatile as a classic lightweight hoodie. Whether you’re headed to the gym, taking off on a sunrise hike, or enjoying a barbeque with friends and family, the lightweight hoodie is a must-have staple for fans of the active lifestyle, and there are many different ways to find the perfect hoodie to fit your needs. 

How To Find A Comfortable Hoodie

tasc Performance is here to help. We’re not just dedicated to finding you the perfect garments for running faster and exploring further. We also want to ensure that those great activewear pieces are designed with sustainability in mind. That’s why we use low-impact materials and innovative engineering to create the clothes you love, so you can continue to wear them for many more workouts to come. 

Here’s what you’ll want to keep in mind when it comes to picking out the next lightweight hoodie for your lifestyle. 


The type of fabric that makes up your favorite new hoodie can have a huge impact on both how it’s produced and the benefits that come along with it. You have many different activewear fabric options to pick from, but here at Tasc Performance, we focus on the use of natural fibers that last long and can be disposed of responsibly. 

Because natural fibers don’t require chemical treatment to get that performance-ready finish that we’re all looking for, they won’t retain odors like other materials will, so you can continue to wear them with ease. They’re also equipped with moisture-wicking technology, sun protection, and more. 


It’s important to find a hoodie that fits your style, your body type, and your needs. There are many different types of hoodie fits, but if you’re planning to use your lightweight hoodie for regular activewear, you’ll want to make sure that it’s not too loose and not too tight. It should provide an appropriate range of movement without getting in the way of your activity, and allow you to continue looking and feeling great on every hike, ride, or run. 

Wicks Moisture

A lightweight hoodie is designed to protect you against the elements and allow you to continue meeting your workout goals, even in the coolest weather. That’s where moisture-wicking technology comes in. This helps to absorb sweat, which helps to keep your body temperature even and prevents you from getting too hot or too cool. With moisture-wicking technology in your next lightweight hoodie, you’ll be able to continue pushing your workout to the next level. 

How To Pick A Style Of Hoodie

Hoodies aren’t just great for activewear because they’re easy to move in and perfect for working out in cooler weather. They’re also part of a long and exciting history of fashion and play an important role in everything from high luxury to leisurewear. 

Finding that perfect lightweight hoodie to fit your activewear needs can give you the confidence to continue striving for your workout goals and keep you feeling good every step of the way. Here’s what you’ll want to consider when searching for that perfect new style of hoodie. 


There’s a reason activewear comes in so many bright colors. It can boost your sense of excitement and ensure you continue pushing yourself to the next level. And you can find hoodies in a lot of exciting and bold colors, from pastels to neons and everything in between. 

If you’re on the search for a more neutral style, don’t worry! Hoodies in grey, white, and navy can give you a sleek and minimalist look with ease. And you don’t need to pick between the two. Find lightweight hoodies in all the colors you love and mix and match for the day’s workout. 

Style Of Hood

It’s important that your hoodie fits you comfortably and provides easy range of movement. One of the ways to test out if the hoodie is right for you is to check the hood fit and feel and to see if it holds you back from any of your regular activity. 

You’ll find different hood styles based on the type of materials and what extra features are available. Some hoods come forward further than others, and some are equipped with drawstring to allow you more protection from the elements. When finding the perfect hoodie for your needs, check the range of movement, comfort, and feel. 

Proprietary Fabric Blend

Here at Tasc Performance, we use high-quality fabric blends and technology to ensure you have access to garments you love for many great workouts to come. Our proprietary fabric blend is the ultimate combination of natural fibers with a unique and innovative knitting technology that means fewer seams and stitches. 

Features To Look For

There are many benefits to using garments made with natural fibers, even beyond their reduced impact on the environment. When you’re ready to find the perfect lightweight hoodie to fit all of your workout needs, here are a few unique and helpful features that you’ll want to look out for. 


Natural fibers like bamboo and cotton provide extra breathability due to the micro gaps between the fibers that allow warm and cool air to move through them with ease. It’s especially important to have reliable ventilation during your workout because it can help to maintain your body temperature, keep you cool and dry, and even reduce the risk or effects of chafing. 

Hoodies, especially, should be breathable, because they’re the second layer of clothing. Proper airflow can help to keep you from getting too hot when working out in cool environments. 


Many synthetic materials are produced with chemicals that can trap odors and be very difficult to remove, no matter how many times they go through the wash. Natural fibers like bamboo and organic cotton are not treated with those chemicals. That means scents and odors can be removed more easily, allowing you to feel comfortable and confident in your clothes and to hold on to them for much longer. 

UPF 50+ Protection

There’s no sun protection quite like another layer, and the lightweight hoodies available here at Tasc Performance deliver. Our hoodies can protect against up to 98% of ultraviolet rays, for an Ultraviolet Protection Factor of up to 50+. That means you can continue to enjoy your morning hikes, sunrise runs, and yoga on the beach with peace of mind.


When you’re investing in a hoodie, you want it to be able to take you through all walks of life. From commuting and running errands to working out, yoga to hiking, you need a sweatshirt that can do it all. 


You deserve workout gear that will support you on every journey and new activity—without having a big impact on the environment. Here at Tasc Performance, we believe in sustainable gear, like the perfect lightweight hoodie for every type of weather and every type of workout. 

And it’s not just about reducing our impact. Natural fibers like organic cotton and bamboo also mean that your next lightweight hoodie comes equipped with features and support like moisture-wicking technology, comfortable breathability, and even sun protection. And, of course, you’ll be able to hang on to that great hoodie for a long time to come. Explore our growing collection of lightweight activewear hoodies and find the best one for your next workout today. 


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