tasc: It's Like Lululemon for Men
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tasc: It's Like Lululemon for Men

When you hear Lululemon, what’s the first thing you think of? For most people, the answer is women’s leggings.

Without a doubt, the fashion giant is well known as the origin of yoga pants, a style that set the stage for athleisure apparel’s decades-long domination. Founder Chip Wilson’s design changed the face of fashion.

It’s no understatement to say that when Lululemon Athletica emerged, it set a new standard for activewear. Here at Tasc Performance, we’re doing the same.

In this guide, we’re going to show you how our men’s activewear and athleisure styles go above and beyond, bringing the best of performance, comfort, and exceptional sustainability into one perfect package.

Let’s get started!

What Makes tasc the Lululemon of Men’s Clothing?

Lululemon may be a household name thanks to its impressive history. Here at Tasc Performance, we’re bringing new, modern innovations to the forefront of men’s activewear fashion. Our hope is that our styles indicate a changing trend in fashion and help set new standards for sustainable, versatile, functional activewear going forward.

How? The power of nature!

At the heart of what we do here at Tasc Performance are natural materials: bamboo, organic cotton, beechwood, and more.

Combined with modern sciences and design techniques, these materials produce incredibly versatile results, with environmentally-friendly and human-friendly production practices to boot.

Now, we’re going to take a more detailed look at some of the ways these signature materials elevate our apparel.

Maximum Comfort

Let’s start with comfort. It’s the first thing you notice when you wear a piece of clothing, and there’s nothing else you’ll care about more through a day of wear.

Unlike performance, comfort can be difficult to quantify. After all, comfort is ultimately subjective. 

At Tasc, our designers have delved deep into all kinds of research to determine exactly what factors make activewear as comfortable as possible. From seam placement to overall fit, there are many factors related to the construction of a shirt that influence comfort.

Ultimately, we aim to find a balance to keep our styles as comfortable as possible. An athleisure shirt or pair of pants, for example, should flatter the figure without being too tight. Still, they shouldn’t be so loose that there’s excess fabric that might impede your performance. 

Strategically-placed seams also ensure maximum range of movement with minimal resistance.

Of course, none of this would matter if we used the wrong materials. Synthetic fabrics may be popular for activewear due to their apparent convenience, but they’re nowhere near as soft as bamboo, our signature fabric. Bamboo feels like a balance between silk and cotton for ultimate comfort.

When combined with organic cotton, the result is a familiar yet elevated feel, like your favorite soft tee-shirt or pajama set. 

Superior Breathability

Worried that comfortable fabrics can’t be performance oriented? Think again!

While cotton is traditionally considered one of the most comfortable casual materials, it has obvious pitfalls when it comes to exercise. Most importantly, cotton isn’t breathable, and it holds moisture — it’s definitely not water-repellent.

We’re going to touch on moisture-wicking later, but what comes first is maintaining proper airflow through the material in question. If hot air can’t leave your apparel and cool air can’t flow in, your body’s temperature regulation will be inhibited, which can be detrimental to your exercise performance.

Enter: bamboo. Bamboo is naturally breathable thanks to micro gaps identified in its fibers. Not only does bamboo’s superior breathability enhance airflow, it also reduces chafing — a big problem for cotton activewear.

Odor-Resistant Material

Sustainability is a core concern for us here at Tasc Performance. While the way we produce our materials is a huge part of our eco-friendly efforts, longevity is also a major factor.

One way we increase our activewear’s life cycle is by using odor-resistant materials. Once again, bamboo pulls more than its weight in this regard, being naturally capable of ditching odors. 

Synthetic fabrics and cotton — as found in most activewear and athleisure styles — tend to trap odors over time, so they stink even after you’ve washed them.

With odor buildup comes inevitable disposal, which increases waste. The longer your clothes last, the less waste you contribute!

Moisture-Wicking Technology

Arguably, the most important factor for performance is moisture-wicking. This fabric quality allows sweat (or any other moisture on your skin) to be drawn off your body and out to the surface of the material, where it is released to quickly evaporate.

Let’s be clear: Moisture-wicking is different from moisture-absorption. 

While cotton does a great job at absorbing moisture, it doesn’t do so well at releasing it. The result is wet clothing while you workout, which leaves you uncomfortable, overheated (or too cold), and vulnerable to chafing. 

Wearing bamboo clothing, you’ll stay more dry and comfortable through any scenario, whether it’s an intense workout or a stressful business meeting.

UPF 50+ Protection

One factor that elevates everyday clothing yet often gets overlooked is sun protection. Believe it or not, the sun’s rays penetrate your clothes and can harm your skin, even when you wear dark colors or when the sky is cloudy.

With UPF 50+ rated sun protection, bamboo provides a ward against harmful radiation that earns the rating of excellent from the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Sustainable Materials: Bamboo Viscose and Organic Cotton

Remember: All these key factors for the best modern activewear and athleisure apparel tie back to modern materials made with powerful natural fabrics. 

Whether you’re in athletic shorts and a short-sleeve shirt or heavier outerwear, bamboo viscose and organic cotton are the materials you need. They’re ultra-soft and kind to the environment. 

We can’t get enough of bamboo and organic cotton, and once you try them, we’re betting you’ll feel the same!

What Types of Men’s Clothing Can You Get From tasc?

Whether you’re looking for outfits exclusively for exercise, clothes to lounge around in, or versatile styles suited for both, Tasc Performance has got you covered. 

We create a variety of styles built with flexible functionality in mind, even if they’re specialized for a specific use. You’ll find exactly what you need in the styles below!

Men’s Running Clothes

The oldest sport in the world still holds an important place for many active lives today. Running is one of the most gear-light exercises you can do, but the gear you do choose is incredibly important.

Ensure you’re equipped for maximum endurance and comfort with styles like our Weightless 7” Unlined Running Shorts. Not only are they super lightweight and performance ready, but they also come with a zipper pocket for your phone. Always keep your playlists close by on a run.

Another bestseller for running is our Men’s Recess Tank Top. With quick-drying bamboo and cotton and a classic fit, it’s exactly what you need on your next run.

Men’s Golf Clothes

Choosing the right attire can be as essential to a great golf game as choosing the right clubs. In some places, you may not even be admitted without it!

Promote your peak performance with Tasc styles like our Cloud Button-Down Short-Sleeve Polo Shirt and Cloud Chino Slim Fit Short.

Men’s Gym and Training Clothes

Versatile styles for general fitness activities, ranging from weight lifting to cardio, are a must-have for any active man’s lifestyle. Find your one-shirt-fits-all style in our Carrollton Fitness t-shirt, or nearly any of our activewear styles, which are all built to be flexible to any situation.

We offer everything you need for your workouts, including French terry hoodie sweatshirts, high-quality sweat-wicking sweatpants, and ultra-soft long-sleeve shirts.

Men’s Lounge Clothes

With such comfortable clothes, why not lounge around a bit? Take a break from your active lifestyle and relax in our Legendary Heavyweight Fleece Joggers, soft half-zips, or our Bamboo Silk Sleepwear. Just be warned: you may not want to go back out!

Men’s Yoga Clothes

If Tasc is truly going to give you the equivalent of Lululemon men’s clothes, we’ve got to have the best yoga pants styles as well! 

Let balance and comfort carry you in our Carrollton Fitness Pants, paired with a Recess Running Tank for a cool, four-way stretch fit that’s ready for the hot yoga studio, a home session, or any other place you practice.

Looking for Lululemon for Men? Look No Further

When it comes to setting the latest trends for men’s active and athleisure apparel, we think our ultra-sustainable, versatile, performance-powered, and stylish clothes lead the way. For your new favorite styles, give Tasc Performance a try today!



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