Men's Sweatpants: Style Guide
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Men's Sweatpants: Style Guide

The right pair of sweatpants can give you confidence, inspire you to head out on the next great adventure, and provide comfort and ease of movement for when you just want a lazy day around the house or some comfy clothes for working from home. There’s a reason that sweatpants are such a beloved garment, and their increasing popularity in mainstream fashion means they’re more versatile and available than ever before. 

The Look: What’s Your Vibe

When you’re ready to begin finding that perfect new pair to fit your needs, tasc Performance is here to help. We believe in creating well-loved pieces that have little to no impact on the environment through the use of natural materials and the movement away from chemical products and additives. 

At the end of the day, it’s all about finding the sweatpants that make you feel good, whether you’re pushing it just a little harder at the gym or you’re on the search for casualwear that still serves up a stylish look. Here are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when picking out the perfect new pair of sweatpants to fit your vibes. 


When you think of sweats, grey is probably the first color that comes to mind. The truth is, you can find sweatpants that you love in a wide range of colors. Pick something bold when you’re ready to make a statement, or explore neutral shades for a pair of pants that’s versatile, comfortable, and easily dressed up or down. 


If you’re planning to use your sweatpants to climb, bike, or run, it’s important to find a pair that’s not too loose and not too tight. Loose activewear can get in the way when you’re working out, and when it’s too fitted to the body, you can feel hot or uncomfortable, which can be a distraction from the next rep or mile. You really need that perfect balance in the middle, especially if you’re going to be using these sweats for lounging.

Even your leisurewear sweatpants should be a balance of comfort and fit—hanging at home doesn’t mean that you can’t feel and look great. Many fashion sweatpants today are brought to the tailor to be sure that they fit the individual body type as closely as possible, but you can also explore your different fit options to find the perfect one straight from the shop. 

Comfort: How Do You Want to Feel?

Sweatpants aren’t all about the style, however. What’s most important is how they make you feel. That’s why you’ll want to search out the perfect fabric, the right cut, and added features that can make your experience as enjoyable and useful as possible. Here are a few features you’ll want to keep in mind when deciding if a new pair of sweatpants is comfortable for you. 


There are many different types of fabrics used to create your favorite pieces of activewear and leisurewear, and not all are created equal. Some fabrics are made with synthetic materials that can be stuffy and have low ventilation. That can lead to overheating or discomfort in your own clothes. Instead, consider exploring more organic and natural fibers that breathe easily and won’t irritate the skin. 

Temperature Regulation

One of the benefits of using natural fibers is that they offer temperature regulation thanks to good ventilation and moisture-wicking technology. That allows you to work out in many different environments, since you’ll stay dry with ease, and you’ll be cool in the hot months and warm in the cool months. 

Cuffs And Seams

Bamboo and organic cotton have larger spaces between the fibers, which is why we use innovative knitting technology to weave our garments together. That means fewer irritating seams that can itch and scratch on your next run or hike. You’ll always want to test out to see if a seam is comfortably placed for proper range of movement and activity level, as well. 

Don’t forget to check out where the cuffs on your new sweatpants fall to ensure they’re not too long or short to get the job done right. 


You don’t want to have to worry about bringing a backpack with you on the next run to the gym. Check out the pocket situation on your favorite pairs of sweatpants to ensure they can carry the essentials and give you peace of mind. 

Sustainability At Work

Here at tasc Performance, we believe in big personal impacts that leave little impact on nature. That’s why we produce our favorite activewear and loungewear products with natural fibers and materials that can be used for a long time and disposed of responsibly. Here are a few things to consider when finding the next great pair of sustainable sweatpants. 

No Chemical Finishes

One of the most important reasons behind why we love natural fibers like bamboo and organic cotton is that they don’t require chemical finishes to perform the way that you expect your activewear to. That means they have a lower impact on the environment during production and use. Natural fibers like bamboo have inherent performance attributes, meaning that you’ll get the same great effects without the impact.   

Eco Soft

You deserve sustainable materials that will be comfortable every time. Thanks to EcoSoft materials and technology, you’ll have ultraviolet protection in a garment that is biodegradable, machine washable, and perfect for people with sensitive skin. 


When it comes to finding that perfect pair of men’s sweatpants, there’s no material quite like bamboo. Bamboo doesn’t require any chemicals or additives for performance, it can biodegrade, and it lasts longer than many synthetic materials. It also comes with natural benefits like moisture-wicking properties, odor resistance, thermal regulation, and sun protection.   

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is another great natural fiber that you can find in your next pair of sweatpants. It even biodegrades in just a few months after disposal. 

The Best Sweatpants Out There

When you’re ready to find the perfect pair of sweatpants to fit your active and leisure activities, Tasc Performance has you covered. Check out our Carrollton Relaxed Fit Gym Sweats to get started. 

Carrollton Relaxed Fit Gym Sweats

The Carrollton Relaxed Fit Gym Sweats are incredibly comfortable and reliable, and their versatile nature means you can wear them for whatever the day might bring with ease. They’re made with bamboo and organic fibers and offer benefits and features like moisture-wicking, anti-odor, and superior breathability technology. Thanks to 4-way stretch, you’ll be able to work from home, relax, and explore with ease. Find them in gunmetal, black, and navy heather today. 


Sustainable fashion materials can be used to make your favorite pair of comfortable, reliable, and versatile men’s sweatpants, and that’s not the only reason to pick up a pair today. Here at tasc Performance, we work to create the men’s sweatpants and activewear that you love from materials that have a low impact on the environment. 

In addition to being sustainable and long-term focused, they also come with added benefits like moisture-wicking technology, thermal temperature regulation, and odor resistance. And with all that, you’ll still have comfortable, soft sweatpants that can be relied upon for every big adventure, hike, activity, or workout—or even just spending the day in your home office. Explore our Carrollton Relaxed Fit Gym Sweats here at Tasc Performance and find that perfect pair to fit your lifestyle and needs today. 


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