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Men’s Undershirts: Your Ultimate Need to Know Guide

Behind every successful venture is a whole network of support, and your outfit is no different. While you may not need an undershirt every time you leave the house, in many situations, that first layer is as important as your wallet and keys.

Of course, modern times are full of change, and this classic layer isn’t quite as universal as it used to be. Even so, the benefits of an undershirt are hard to deny, and they may just make the decision clear for you.

Whether you’re still in doubt or doubling down on undershirts, we’re here to show you what features you need to know about. 

Why Choose An Undershirt?

An undershirt was once an obvious choice, but recently the question circulates: should we even wear them?

Despite the overall simplicity of the undershirt, there are a few situational factors to keep in mind. Undershirts are most common beneath dress shirts or sweaters, but you won’t hear of many people wearing them under another t-shirt or by themselves in public.

If you’re wearing appropriate top layers, then we’re convinced: undershirts are the way to go. The benefits are numerous, and we’re looking at them in detail below.

Sweat Barrier

The number one job for a dress shirt is to absorb sweat. Features like breathability and moisture-wicking properties, detailed later in this article, are essential to making this happen.

The sweat absorption has a two-fold purpose: it keeps you dry and cool, and it keeps your next layer, usually a dress shirt, clean and pristine. Nothing’s worse than sweat stains coming through when the pressure’s on in the office or on that first date. An undershirt is your best line of defense.

Odor Resistance

There’s no way around it -- our bodies tend to smell. Odor is a natural part of life, but that doesn’t mean we want everyone around us to share in it.

Odor resistance is a key feature of any good clothing, but it’s a fundamental part of wearing an undershirt. Not only do the best undershirts trap odor so it doesn’t escape, but they also prevent bacteria from growing inside the fabric, so the odors don’t last or grow over time.


Undershirts are a comfort item as much as a function piece. A soft, well-fitted undershirt feels so good to wear, you’ll find yourself sporting them around the house or in the backyard. Just avoid wearing them on their own in public.

Wearing an undershirt beneath a top layer is a comfortable choice as well. The material of a dress shirt or sweater rarely feels as good on your bare skin as a soft, cool undershirt. Plus, it can help reduce skin chafing and regulate your temperature.

What To Look For In An Undershirt

So you’re convinced on undershirts but not sure how to pick the right one? Those cheap shirts at your local store seem more like packing paper than something you’d want as a staple in your wardrobe?

We hear you, and we’re here to help. Here’s what kind of features you want to find in an exceptional undershirt:


The last thing you want is an undershirt that makes you feel overheated and restricted -- like your skin is suffocating. A cheap undershirt with poor quality fabric won’t breathe, but a well-made undershirt will give your skin a free feeling.

Breathability is all about the fabric and construction. It’s important that the fabric is not too thick and is of a high quality with breathing capabilities. 

Miniscule gaps between fibers of the fabrics should be present to allow air to pass through, and the shirt should drape away from your skin just enough for air to flow. You don’t want to be wearing a bottom layer that’s practically vacuum-sealed, after all.

Wicks Moisture

Moisture-wicking is the ability of a fabric to draw moisture from your skin, then transfer it to the fabric’s surface, where it quickly dries. The best moisture-wicking fabrics won’t ever feel wet for long or even at all.

It’s crucial to choose an undershirt with strong moisture-wicking capabilities. Otherwise, as soon as you start to sweat, you’ll feel sticky, wet, and soon overheated -- then the problem compounds. 

Moisture-wicking doesn’t just keep you feeling good. It also keeps you looking good. When your undershirt absorbs your sweat, it prevents it from soaking into your outer layer. 

This is especially useful when you’re wearing a dress shirt.  You certainly don’t want the fine, thin material of your dress shirt to become wet -- that’s both unclean and unflattering.

Sun Protection

Perhaps less obvious of a need, but no less important, undershirts offer an invaluable extra layer of defense against UV exposure. Most dress shirts are especially thin and may not offer any UV protection at all.

Layering with an undershirt gives added peace of mind against the elements.

What Fabrics Work Best?

At the heart of any great undershirt is a great fabric. While cheap cotton or even synthetic materials are common in run-of-the-mill undershirts, you’ll find that superior fabrics truly set apart a shirt you’ll want as your first layer every time.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is an eco-friendly, sustainable alternative to traditional cotton. Plus, it’s even more effective in the functional areas that matter, such as breathability and softness, compared to typical, cheap cotton. When combined with bamboo, it’s one of the best fabrics you’ll find.


We’re talking about the power of bamboo every chance we get, because it’s just that good. Not only does it knock every functional need out of the park, but it’s also an exceptionally eco-friendly, sustainable option. 

When you pick up a bamboo undershirt, you’ll know you’re not just getting the best bang for your buck, but you’re also taking care of the world around -- and we think that’s something of great importance.

Why Shop Organic?

We’re big believers in the importance of producing clothes responsibly. One of the best ways to do so is with organic fabrics. 

When you choose organic, you’re choosing to help protect not just the environment but also the people behind the production. From the farmers to the community around them, sustainable options such as organic cotton or bamboo help to better their lives.

Choosing organic is more than just a practical decision. It’s an ethical one -- so we’re doing our part to help take care of the world and people around us, and we’d love for you to join in the cause!

The TASC Undershirts for You

Finding undershirts with all the best qualities is easy with Tasc Performance. We’ve got all the features you need, packed into a versatile, efficient undershirt, with a few different options depending on your preferences. 

For the most classic and versatile look, check out the BamBare Bamboo Comfort Crew Neck Undershirt.

If you prefer the look or feel of a v-neck, we’ve got the BamBare Bamboo Comfort V-Neck Undershirt or a Deep V-Neck alternative on deck.


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