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Most Comfortable Golf Pants

When getting ready for a round of golf, every article of clothing counts. You want to wear something that will help you perform at your best, which means that your outfit should provide all-day comfort, no matter the circumstances.

It can be intimidating to look at all the options available and try to figure out what’s right for you — which is why we put together this guide to help you find the most comfortable golf pants that money can buy.

What You Need In the Most Comfortable Golf Pants 

When you start looking for the ideal golf pants, there are some features that you need to keep in mind. 

Fit And Comfort

The golf pants that are best for you are the ones that help you feel, look, and play your best. While stylishness is undoubtedly important, your comfort and your ability to access a full range of motion will make the biggest impact on your game.

We’ll talk a bit about what to look for when it comes to fit and comfort, which are intrinsically linked to the material from which your clothing is made.


The material that comprises your golf pants should be stretchable, breathable, and extremely lightweight. Whatever you wear for athletic activity should help you perform to the best of your ability.

The best golf pants these days are made from top-of-the-line performance materials that stretch with your body, keep you cool in the summer sun, and don’t weigh you down.

Golf Pants: Fit And Comfort 

Here’s what you need to keep in mind when it comes to the fit and comfort of your golf pants. 

Stretch Is Vital

Every experienced golfer knows that your clothing shouldn’t get in the way of performance. A constrictive sweater or pair of pants can make all the difference in your backswing, so you want to be sure that what you wear on the course is helping you, not hindering you.

Golf pants made from stretchable materials will move with your body, allowing you to play to the best of your ability. So while granddad’s khakis may have been the best option when he was playing, you may want to look for something with more modern capabilities.

Breathability/Water Resistance 

Unless you prefer playing golf in the winter, you’re likely to encounter a lot of sun and at least a little rain. No matter what elements you’re facing, you want to be properly equipped. That means breathability for comfort in warm weather and water resistance in less-than-perfect conditions.

Some materials offer more breathability than others, but we at Tasc Performance believe in the power of bamboo to provide long-lasting comfort, no matter the weather. 

Look Out For Lightweight Designs 

When you’re spending an afternoon on the golf course, the last thing you want is for your clothing to weigh you down. Even if your longest treks are done in a golf cart, you want to wear lightweight designs that keep you moving.

Wear What The Pros Are Wearing 

Of course, if you want to play like the pros, sometimes it’s best to dress like the pros — like four-time PGA Winner Chris Kirk. You won’t see him out on the fairway in jeans; his Tasc Performance collection is designed to help with performance on the course and adhere to even the strictest country club dress codes without sacrificing comfort and style.

Utility/ Versatility 

While athletic apparel is often useful only for athletic activity (your cousin may not appreciate you showing up to her wedding in joggers and a tank top), the best golf clothing should be versatile enough to look great, both on and off the course. Ideally, you should be able to finish up a round of golf and hit the 19th hole without looking out of place, or meet up with friends for dinner without having to go through the efforts of changing clothing.

So when looking for golf pants, make sure to find something that works just as well on a date as it does on the green.

What Material Is Best For Golf Pants?

While there are plenty of materials to choose from when looking for a pair of high-quality golf pants, we at Tasc Performance swear by the bamboo that you’ll find in the clothing we sell.

Why Choose Bamboo? 

Bamboo has quickly become one of the most sought-after materials in the textile world for many reasons: not only is it lightweight and comfortable, but it’s also environmentally friendly. And bamboo has natural moisture-wicking and antibacterial properties, making it ideal for use in athletic apparel.


As our society continues to look for sustainable solutions to everyday problems, we keep finding that many of our day-to-day choices have more of an impact on the environment than we’d expect.

For example, it takes over 700 gallons of water to make a single cotton t-shirt. Few people realize how much water goes into the growing of the crop and the processing of it into fabric that can be worn. Bamboo, on the other hand, requires a third of the amount of water used to grow cotton — making it a much more sustainable crop. 

Bamboo is also naturally biodegradable, which is an important factor to consider as the world tries to figure out how to deal with a trash crisis that’s polluting the oceans and creating city-sized landfills.

And while many crops require copious amounts of unnatural fertilizer and harmful pesticides, bamboo naturally sequesters nitrogen in the soil and repels pests — making it unnecessary to use harsh chemicals in its propagation.

Feeling And Performance 

While we at Tasc Performance love bamboo for its countless eco-friendly properties, we recognize that most people won’t buy clothing unless it’s comfortable. Luckily, bamboo does it all. Bamboo fabric is lightweight, breathable, and incredibly comfortable.

Meanwhile, its natural antibacterial, antifungal, and moisture-wicking properties make it ideal as a natural performance material, unlike many synthetic materials that need to be treated with harsh chemicals to obtain the same properties. Because of these natural abilities, bamboo clothing keeps you dry, comfortable, and odor-free for as long as possible, without the use of harmful chemicals.

The Most Comfortable Golf Pants Out There 

When it comes to the most comfortable golf pants, you have more options than you think. 

Motion Pant 

Our Motion Pant is lightweight, breathable, and water-resistant. And while this classic design is capable of adhering to any golf course dress code, we wanted to make sure that it would look and feel great anywhere. Whether worn at the office, on a date, or during a long day of traveling, the Motion Pant is built to do it all.

Motion Travel Shorts 

Like our Motion Pant, our Motion Travel Shorts are made for movement. They’re extremely lightweight and breathable without sacrificing durability and versatility. These are perfect for a hot day on the golf course, and their water resistance means that you stay comfortable regardless of the weather.

Cloud Chino Shorts

For those looking for a more classic feel, our Cloud Chino Shorts are a perfect option. Made from a blend of bamboo and cotton, with just enough elastane to make them ultra-stretchy, these shorts are extremely soft and breathable — ideal for all-day comfort on the course.


When looking for a perfect pair of golf pants, there are many factors to consider. At Tasc Performance, we know what it takes to make long-lasting, high-quality pants that are comfortable, capable, and environmentally friendly. But don’t take our word for it — check out our collection and see what we’ve got to offer. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect pair of golf pants for you.


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