What To Wear With Joggers: Fashion Guide for Joggers
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What To Wear With Joggers: Fashion Guide for Joggers

Joggers have taken over much of our everyday fashion, leading the pack in the athleisure fashion trend. If you don’t already own a pair (or three) of joggers, you probably know quite a few people who do!

While there’s lots of inspiration on how to style jeans out there, the new go-to pants might seem a little harder to style. What tops should you wear with joggers? What kind of occasions are they best suited for? How do you make sure you’ve chosen a high-quality pair?

Today, our Tasc Performance guide is answering all those questions and more with our complete fashion guide for joggers. We’re going to go in-detail on the pants themselves, and give our recommendations for styles to pair with them.

What Are Joggers?

Few styles are more iconic in athleisure than joggers. If you haven’t heard of joggers before, you’ve almost certainly seen them.

Joggers perfectly represent what athleisure is all about: They’re exceptional for exercise and luxurious for leisure. With the right materials, joggers are equipped to handle exercise of any intensity level, but they’re also just super comfortable to wear. Imagine your favorite pajamas with all the performance qualities of your favorite sportswear.

Whether you’re working hard in the gym, relaxing at home, or running errands in between, joggers are an ideal option. They excel as everyday go-to pants, even more so than jeans (the go-to pants of the past).

What Are the Best Materials for Joggers?

To achieve the performance qualities and comfort factor joggers aim for, only the best materials will do. Many joggers rely solely on polyester or traditional cotton, but those fabrics aren’t up to the levels modern materials and innovations should be achieving.

Look for bamboo, organic cotton, or wool when choosing joggers to ensure you’re getting a high-performance, sustainable pair that will last for years to come. 

Are Joggers and Sweatpants Different?

Joggers look similar to sweatpants in many regards, but are typically more fitted to the body with an elastic band at the ankles.

Besides the slightly different fit, joggers also differ from traditional sweatpants in their purpose. As the name implies, sweatpants were originally designed to induce sweat. On the other hand, joggers should be made with breathable materials that help minimize and manage sweat.

What Should You Wear With Joggers?

One of the best things about joggers is that they are incredibly easy to style, especially with the popularity of athleisure fashion. (Just remember that joggers are a fairly casual staple item, so you might need to check with the office before swinging by in your newest pair.)

French Terry Hoodies and Sweatshirts

Joggers and hoodies are like peanut butter and jelly: a match made in heaven. With the right materials, this outfit is one of the most comfortable and versatile in your closet.

That’s why we love our french terry styles like our Varsity French Terry Sweatshirt and Varsity French Terry Hoodie. Thanks to the benefits of french terry fabric and our Tasc Performance bamboo fabrication, exceptional moisture-wicking and thermoregulation mean you won’t get too cold or overheat, whether you’re exercising or lounging around.

Casual T-Shirts

Keeping it simple is often the best way to go. Those of us living fast-paced, active lifestyles can especially appreciate the ease of a lightweight, easy to pack outfit. 

A casual t-shirt and some joggers may be one of easiest looks you can put together, but that doesn’t mean it’s slacking in appeal or function. With the right fit, this outfit can flatter your form and help you improve it. Stay comfortable while working out, and show off those results!

Try an activewear essential like our Carrollton Fitness T-Shirt, or our NOLA V-Neck T-Shirt for an extra soft and comfy tee with a classic style.

Fleece Vests and Quarter-Zips

Fleece is a kind of brushed fabric that is especially soft and cozy. With the right material and fabrication, fleece can still be highly breathable to support any active endeavor of your choice, from a hike to a ball game.

Since many joggers are fleece, it comes as no surprise that fleece tops go well alongside them. Our Apex Brushed Quarter Zip is an example of the kind of comfy pullover that pairs perfectly with joggers. For even more layering options, try a vest like our Legendary Fleece Vest.

Moisture-Wicking Socks and Underwear

For total comfort and athletic support, you’re going to want moisture-wicking and thermoregulatory qualities from head to toe. Ensure you’ve got top quality socks and underwear in every outfit. 

Our Tasc Performance Bambare Tabbed Socks and Bambare Boxer Briefs can be the foundation of your new and improved wardrobe!

Tank Tops and Sports Bras

No workout wardrobe is complete with a tank or sports bra! Lightweight yet heavy-hitting in the performance department, these tops are must-haves for the active lifestyle.

Try our Recess Running Tank, ALLways Tank, and our Rhythm Sports Bra for an improved modern take on these classic styles.

What Qualities Should Joggers Have?

To back up their promise of performance, joggers need certain qualities found in the best sportswear. These qualities also contribute to keeping you comfortable while you aren’t exercising too, so you definitely want to look for them in any pair of joggers you buy.


One of the fastest ways to feel uncomfortable is to wear wet, sweaty clothes. That’s why materials that dry rapidly have become so popular, but unfortunately the traditional solution (polyester) has other downsides, such as sustainability concerns and harsh textures.

Thankfully, materials like bamboo are changing the game. Bamboo makes some of the best moisture-wicking fabric in the world thanks to its incredibly natural ability to process moisture and grow at staggering rates. After all, it is the fastest growing tree in the world.

What exactly is moisture wicking? It’s the ability for a fabric to absorb moisture (typically sweat) and then release it into the air as vapor. Some materials, like traditional cotton, absorb moisture well — but they tend to hold it, too, which means they don’t dry quickly like moisture-wicking materials can.


If you’re expecting to sweat in your joggers, you’re going to want natural anti-odor properties (courtesy of bamboo) in them too. This prevents any lingering stench from lasting after washes, which is a common problem with traditional synthetic materials like polyester.

Ultra-Soft and Breathable

Obviously an athleisure style needs to be supremely comfortable. A soft texture is the first test, and one that our Tasc Performance blend of bamboo and organic cotton passes with flying colors.

It’s also essential that your joggers help you thermoregulate. Getting too hot or cold is a quick way to lose that comfortable feeling. A breathable material allows air to circulate to a controlled degree, so you don’t overheat when working out, but you still stay warm while you’re relaxing.

Made From Sustainable Materials

Practical, versatile, comfortable clothes simply aren’t worth it if we’re having to sacrifice the future of our planet and the health of our communities to get there. Here at Tasc Performance, sustainability is a priority we take seriously.

From natural, green materials like our BamCo® fabrication, to eco-friendly factories that run on 100% solar and wind power and recycle up to 95% of the water used in fabric dying, we work to be sustainable from start to finish. Our packaging is even made from 100% biodegradable corn bags.

The Softest Joggers on the Planet

Whether you’ve been wearing joggers for awhile but want something of the highest quality, or you’re just getting onto the athleisure trend train, our bamboo joggers are the ideal style to take your wardrobe to the next level.

Try our Varsity Brushed Lightweight Jogger for a lightweight, breathable pair of athleisure pants, powered by a super soft 4-way stretch fabric to feel good on any occasion.

Our Legendary Heavyweight Fleece Joggers are just as ready to cozy up on your day off as they are to crush it at the gym. All the best performance factors are at full capacity thanks to our BamCo® fabric blend, and an insulating but breathable material ensures you can thermoregulate with ease.

For more helpful athleisure and lifestyle guides, our Tasc Life blog is the place to be.


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