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How To Throw a BBQ Like A Pro

Summer BBQ's should always be laid back and easygoing, but a little effort (and some tips from our favorite Grillmasters) will be sure to take your grill-out to the next level. 

Barbecue Chicken sausage and brisket

Comfort is Key
Ditch your jackets/ heels and opt for a look that's practical and polished. tasc's bamboo fabric regulates temperature, and is extremely breathable, which will help you keep your cool when things start heating up in the pit. Take a look at some of our favorite backyard barbecue looks for men and women.

BBQ Ribs

Signature Spirits
Sure, most guests will be happy with beer and wine but a signature cocktail will elevate your tablescape (and make you seem like a regular Martha Stewart). Keep it light and refreshing by pairing your favorite clear liquor with some mint and fresh fruit. Club soda will add some effervescence and keep your guests hydrated.

Blue Oak BBQ Ribs

Pro Tips From the Pit
We asked Ronnie Evans and Philip Moseley, of Blue Oak BBQ (New Orleans' foremost purveyors of fine smoked meats) for some of their best practices.
- When it comes to fuel, nothing beats the flavor of wood. Choosing the right one for your protein can make or break your dish.
- Buy quality meats. You don't have to get fancy with sides and sauces as long as you don't skimp on the star of the show.
- Hold your horses and wait for the right temperature. Low and slow is key to achieving a tender and flavorful meal.
- When in doubt, smoke everything. You can't go wrong with some beautifully smoked ribs.

Blue Oak BBQ In New Orleans, LA

Don't forget the tunes. 
A well-curated playlist featuring classic crowd pleasers and some mellow summer songs makes all the difference. If you can, try to include some of your guest's favorite songs. 

Cheers and happy grilling!

Philip Mosley and Ronnie Evans of Blue Oak BBQ
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