Inside the Factory: How we create our exclusive fabrics
tasc Performance

Inside the Factory: How we create our exclusive fabrics

You’re on the move. And so are we.

Our philosophy and motivation is founded on the idea to create unparalleled lifestyle performance clothing that moves with you wherever you’re headed. Season after season, we innovate new fabrics that will actually improve your everyday life. So, whether you’re running from a meeting at the office to happy hour, or a quick jog, we want you to open your closet in the morning with no sweat because your wardrobe consists of timeless and effortless tasc pieces that will carry you through your entire day.



Truthfully, we were never fully satisfied with the standard processes of the performance apparel industry, which yielded garments that either: A) felt good, but did not perform (Cotton) or B) performed, but irritated the skin and retained odor (Polyester). Plus, none of those garments could really go beyond the gym.

So, we set out on a mission to make a radical change to the industry and have been at it since 2008.

Initially, we started working with early fabrics sourced from Moso timber bamboo. Although the fabric had an amazing hand-feel, it was very difficult to work with: It pilled and did not hold its shape or color. But, we were intrigued by the performance characteristics of the bamboo plant, and we spent over 2 years developing our unique process (BamCo®). The result was a fabric that feels better than cotton and performs without chemical enhancements.

Since that time, we’ve created 15+ unique fabrics that are original to tasc Performance and are not available from any other brand. To name a few, these include our original fabrics: MOSOTech, MOSODry, MOSOEmber, MOSOLuxe, MOSOMerino, MOSOPlush, MOSOPure, and MOSOSherpa.


Creating fabric for performance apparel is equal parts creative and technical. Our process is unique, diligent, and unlike any other.

How do we do it?

1. First, cellulose bamboo fibers and organic cotton or merino wool fibers are spun into yarn using our exact specifications. This creates a smooth, ultra-soft and durable product. From the spinning stage, we move onto knitting the fabric.

    2. This part of the process helps set us apart from other brands. Our knitting machine utilizes more fine needles per square inch than standard traditional knits to achieve the smoothest and most comfortable fabrics possible.

    3. After our yarn is spun into signature tasc Performance fabrics, the dying team transforms the fabric into our signature vibrant colors utilizing state-of-the-art dye equipment that ensures an even colouration that will last wash after wash. From start to finish, our fabric creation process uses a closed loop system. The really cool thing about it is that it guarantees that 99% of waste water and chemicals used in our dying process is recovered and re-used.

    Tasc Performance is a champion of innovation, ethically-driven production, teamwork, and comfort.

    Are you ready to toss your old threads and feel the bamboo difference?



    Although performance apparel started it all, there was a very natural movement to lifestyle-focused clothing that led us to create the ultimate luxury fabric. The tasc Performance MOSOPima fabric is a strategic blend of 52% organic cotton, 43% bamboo viscose, and 5% lycra.

    Why do we love the Pima cotton + Bamboo fiber blend?  The long-staple Pima cotton fibers enable a deep fabric color, with more luster, and a most exquisite hand-feel. The result is a lightweight, incredibly soft fabric with a optimal stretch for freedom of movement.




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