Feminine Clothing: Styles, Ideas, & More!
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Feminine Clothing: Styles, Ideas, & More!

Fashion is essential in our everyday lives. Just as our lifestyles change with the times, so must our wardrobes! That’s why it’s always productive to stay up to date on the latest trends, innovations, and inspirations when it comes to the clothes we wear each day.

Whether you’re just hopping aboard the athleisure train or you want to modernize your formal wear with some comfortable styles, there are more options out there for you to try than ever before.

At the same time, there are also more opportunities to choose the wrong clothes. A little help never hurts, which is why we love writing these fashion guides here at Tasc Performance!

Today, we’re talking about feminine clothing in 2022 and beyond and all the ways you can upgrade your wardrobe to stay up to date (and ahead of the curve).

What Are the Different Styles of Feminine Clothing?

Before we get into specifics, let’s keep a broad picture in mind about what kinds of clothes are filling most modern wardrobes.

As we all know, lifestyles have changed quite dramatically over the last few decades. Especially in recent years — with that world-changing pandemic occurring — fast-paced remote lifestyles are becoming more and more prevalent. Women today are adapting to hybrid workplaces while also becoming more active and always staying busy.

To keep up, you’ll need to be intentional about how you build your wardrobe.

Athletic Wear

Active lifestyles are growing in popularity as people become more conscious of the health benefits available not just to their physical fitness but also to their mental wellbeing.

For the active person, athletic wear is a core part of a well-functioning wardrobe. However, today’s athletic wear doesn’t always look like traditional styles! That’s thanks to athleisure fashion and the way it has changed what we wear around the world every single day.

If athleisure has taught us one thing, it’s that having casual wear that can keep up with intense exercise is a huge win. This incredible versatility is thanks to advanced fabrics, but not all fabrics are equal. 

Synthetic fabrics have dominated the activewear and athleisure markets for decades, but they aren’t sustainable and have some practical issues.

Anytime you shop for activewear, be sure to look for sustainable materials such as bamboo — but more detail on that later.

Casual Wear

Up next is casual wear. This is your everyday attire, built for commutes, errands, social outings, and more. The most important aspects of great casual wear are comfort and versatility. 

When one style can do the job of three, you’ve built a more efficient and affordable wardrobe already.

Formal Wear

Formal wear is just as important as casual wear for many women. Although many workplaces are becoming remote, it’s still essential to be able to make a strong, professional impression whenever the need arises. 

Whether you’re heading into the office two days a week, prepping for a big interview, or looking to make a new business connection, formal wear has got you covered.

In the past, most formal wear wasn’t exactly known as being exceptionally comfortable. It’s only in modern times that we are starting to prioritize comfort (and even certain performance features such as breathability and moisture-wicking) in our formal attire.

Don’t take this as some throwaway trend. Once you’ve worn formal attire with material that can keep you cool, dry, and comfortable, even if only as part of your undergarments, you’ll never go back. 


Everyone sleeps, which means everyone can benefit from sleepwear. Only the softest, most comfortable clothes are suited for sleep and the time you relax around the house before and after, but it will change your life to invest in great styles to that end.

How Can Women Upgrade Their Wardrobes?

Now that we’ve got the outline of a great modern wardrobe in mind, let’s talk about some specific ways to improve the styles you choose for your own closet.

Wear Clothes Made From Organic Cotton and Bamboo

The best way to upgrade your wardrobe is to be mindful of what materials you buy.

If you choose traditional materials like cotton or synthetic fabrics, your clothes might be survivable, but they won’t excel like modern materials can.

This is because cotton, while soft, can’t wick moisture efficiently enough to stay dry when it matters. Despite an initial sense of comfort, any amount of activity turns the tides. Plus, cotton isn’t sustainable, and it tends to trap odors over time — meaning it won’t be able to sustain its place in your wardrobe for long, either.

Synthetic fabrics might seem like a convenient alternative, especially for activewear and loungewear. Still, they have some serious problems. At the top of this list are sustainability concerns, since synthetic fabrics are the worst polluters of any fabric at all stages of their life cycle.

From chemical runoff to microplastics lost during wash and wear, synthetic fabrics are simply not friendly to the environment. For practical reasons, they can’t support you as fully as your clothes should in exercise or relaxation either. Synthetic fabrics are notoriously not soft, and they easily trap odors, losing their freshness after a short time in your rotation.

The best alternative is bamboo. A natural fabric powerhouse, bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials on the planet (when produced responsibly), and it has every functional feature you could want: superior breathability, top-notch moisture-wicking, odor resistance, soft feel (think silk meets cotton), and UP 50+ sun protection to boot.

Combined with organic cotton, as in our signature Tasc Performance fabric, the result is an eco-friendly, function-friendly material ready to be the star of your upgraded wardrobe today and for years to come.

Sleep in More Than Just Underwear

Sleepwear has become less and less popular over the years. However, with modern innovations in fashion, clothing is becoming more ideal for sleep than ever.

With elevated sleepwear such as our Tasc Performance Bamboo Silk Sleep Shirt and Shorts, you’re set to see what ultimate comfort feels like before, during, and after a good night's sleep. Thanks to moisture-wicking and breathability, you can say goodbye to overheating and to waking up sticky and sweaty.

Opt for Moisture-Wicking Activewear

Remember when we mentioned the importance of staying dry and cool? Moisture-wicking is the fabric quality most responsible for protecting your body’s thermoregulatory processes, and it’s one of the most essential aspects of any good apparel in a modern woman’s wardrobe.

It’s most crucial for activewear since those are the clothes you wear when the intensity is highest. Don’t underestimate the value of superior moisture-wicking in your casual wear, formal wear, or sleepwear either. Sweat and moisture can come at any time, and staying dry is a priority.

Thankfully, when you choose our signature bamboo fabric, you know you’re getting the best moisture-wicking available, backed by the natural qualities of bamboo.

Wear Clothes With Sun Protection

“Choose comfortable clothes” and “shop trendy styles” may be obvious ways to improve your wardrobe, but there are much less obvious ways to do so as well. Choosing sun protection clothing is one such way.

Though it may surprise many, harmful UV radiation actually penetrates clothing, even on cloudy days, and can cause harm to your skin even while you wear your favorite outfit. Unless, of course, that outfit is equipped with a fabric like bamboo that comes rated at UPF 50+ sun protection!

With sun protection clothing, you’re much safer on sunny days than with traditional clothing lacking these qualities. It may seem like a small difference when you’re shopping, but it could make all the difference when it comes to your health and safety, so it’s a worthy quality to embrace.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to building a better wardrobe for yourself going forward, the most important thing is to remember that taking care of the world and communities around you is a big part of taking care of yourself. 

If you have a choice between sustainable and unsustainable options, go the sustainable route. When you shop Tasc Performance and our bamboo styles, that’s a choice you never have to worry about!



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