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3 Features of the Best Golf Clothes

Choosing the best clothes for the course can be overwhelming when you really dive deep into all the ways fit and features can affect your day on the green. Thankfully, here at Tasc Performance, we know a thing or two, and we’re more than happy to share. Don’t believe us? Believe Chris Kirk, who trusts Tasc golf attire to take him through high intensity rounds—that’s right, we’re the real deal. 

Below, we talk through three of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing the outfit for your next outing. 

1. How A Fit Can Change Your Game

One of the most important things to consider is how fit can affect performance. Fit means much more than just an accurate size. Only a balanced fit that’s not too loose or tight will provide the range of movement you need.

The right fit will keep you comfortable, too, so you can stay focused on what matters, instead of how you wish you’d picked a different outfit. Plus, a perfect fit tends to catch the eye -- and a top-notch appearance never hurts!

Lightweight Feel

A lightweight feel provides a number of key benefits for both function and comfort. A lightweight top keeps your swing from feeling weighed down or restricted, so you can perform your best. Lightweight shorts keep you cool and your movement flexible as well.

It might be tempting to assume a lightweight feel must sacrifice in other areas such as practicality, but that’s definitely not the case. With the right fabrics, like the ones you get in our golf collection, you’ll get the best in modern innovations, plus maximum versatility, so you can bring your shirt or jacket out to the course at any time of year. 

Stretch Of The Shirt

Stretch and flexibility are essential to playing a totally unhindered game. The last thing you want is to feel like you’re fighting against your shirt during your backswing. For the best range of movement, look for two-way or four-way stretch capabilities, such as those on offer in our Cloud Golf Polo or Cloud Chino Shorts.

Fit To Body

Finding a balanced fit works for both your body and your mind. Besides giving an unhindered range of movement, having an appropriate amount of drape also enhances your clothes’ breathability, so you stay comfortable and cool. When these things work together, you’ll have peace of mind and confidence to play your best.

2. Keeping Cool On The Course

Let’s face it -- you may not be doing sprints around the course, but it’s going to get hot out there, and you’re likely to break a sweat. Conditions won’t always be on your side, so it’s important that your clothes are. To find shirts and shorts that keep you cool, look for the features below.

Wicks Moisture

Moisture-wicking is one of the most popular features in modern activewear, and with good reason. Basically, it’s a fabric’s capability to pull moisture from the surface of your skin, then release it through the fabric’s surface to dry rapidly.

At tasc, our innovative fabrics take moisture wicking to the next level, keeping you as dry and comfortable as possible (while working for the environment, too). 

Temperature Regulation

The combined work of moisture-wicking, breathable fabric, and proper fit all leads to the ultimate goal of temperature regulation. Staying cool is essential not just for performance, but for your health and safety too. Picking clothes with all the features above means you won’t have to worry.

How Shorts Affect Your Game 

Equally as important as your golf top is your choice of golf shorts. Your stance should be unaffected by the clothes you wear during every step and swing of your game, and this starts from the bottom up with your shorts.

In addition to finding stretchable fabric, look for breathability too. Shorts play a big role in temperature regulation, as a lot of heat passes through your lower body. When you choose our Bamboo Viscose or MicroAir fabrics, you know you’re getting the temperature regulation you need.

There’s nothing quite like a powerful, lightweight pair of shorts to keep you comfortable, and it’s a big plus when they’re super stylish as well. Consider the Motion Travel 9in Short for all the features you need in the perfect shell.

3. Finding What Works Best For You

Now that we’ve looked at some of the most important features, it’s time to start thinking about the final details that can make or break your decision.

Picking A Design

While the world is always changing, now more than ever, many courses still have dress codes. Even if you’re not a fan of the idea of extra rules, it still pays to pick the most versatile designs you can, so shopping with dress codes in mind is our recommendation.

Thankfully, almost every dress code out there will love our polished styles -- and so will you. 

Any Tasc polo will satisfy not just the rules but the eye of every onlooker. Choose from a wide array of patterns and colors, whether you’re looking for something classic and neutral or something a bit bolder, like our Cloud Golf Polo in Brookline Stripe.

If your course of choice allows jackets, consider adding a Cloud Golf Quarter Zip to your closet to expand your options and keep you out on the course through the cooler parts of the year.

Shorts aren’t accepted everywhere, so keeping a pair of slacks handy is always recommended. Plus, they’re a welcome addition in cooler seasons, and with stretchable fabric, you know your game still goes unhindered. Check out the Motion Pant for one of the best options out there.

Seams And Shoulder Fit

When it comes to tops, always keep in mind the seam placement and shoulder fit. Our polos are styled with minimalist features and no top seam, keeping the look as clean as possible and keeping your motion completely free of constraints.

Our relaxed fit polos also see to it that your sleeves are the perfect length -- no more overly tight shoulders or loose sleeves getting tied up with your elbows.

Tail Length

Most dress codes will require your shirt to be tucked in, so an appropriate tail length can make your life much easier. Even if you’re not under a dress code, a tucked shirt is a classy look, but finding a versatile shirt that can wear well either way is recommended.

Our polos come with a 1” drop tail and side slits, making tucking (or untucking after your rounds) as convenient and comfortable as possible, but leaving the option for a free-falling shirt-tail on the table untucked tail on the table.

Why tasc Golf?

When it comes to performance and comfort, our golf clothes will meet all your needs -- even the ones you didn’t know you had until now. With all the best modern innovations, expertly designed fits, and the best in style, you’re getting some of the best value and versatility on the market. Add in the fact that our clothes are responsibly made with natural, sustainable fabrics, and it’s a no-brainer.

Whether you’re looking for a new polo, shorts, pants, or a jacket, we’ve got something exceptional for you.


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