Introducing: The NOLA Collection
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Introducing: The NOLA Collection

The NOLA Collection

A tribute to our roots

Like our beloved founding city, New Orleans, we believe in marching to the beat of our own brass band in everything we do. While many know our home as a place of constant celebration, we know it for so much more. Our city is a hub of creative visionaries, and we are proud to be in this community of fellow innovators who are driven by originality and authenticity. 


We have a deep bond with this city and endless gratitude for the foundation and endless inspiration it provides. To celebrate this gratitude and our local spirit, we are proud to introduce two collections - The Carrollton Collection (Men’s) and The Nola Collection (Women’s). Each is comprised of our signature styles that pay homage to our New Orleans roots.

The NOLA Collection

The NOLA Collection, our signature women's collection, is made up of 11 core women’s styles. You will recognize the majority of them, with the addition of the Nola Tank, which is a brand new style. The collection styles include: the Nola SS T (previously known as the 365 SS Crew), the Nola LS (previously known as the 365 LS), the Nola 1/4 Zip (previously known as the Sideline ¼ Zip), the Nola Reversible Sports Bra (previously known as the Endurance Sports Bra), the Nola Racer (previously known as the Core Racer), the Nola Tank (new style), the Nola Fitted Pant (previously known as the Wow II Fitted Pant), the Nola Fitted Capri (previously known as the Wow II Fitted Capri), the Nola Reversible Booty Short (previously known as the Move Your Booty Reversible Short), the Nola Legging, and the Nola Crop. Though some of the names of your favorite styles have changed, the products themselves have remained the same – they still offer the same great fit, feel, and performance that you love.



The NOLA Collection is all made from our signature and first, original fabric, MOSOtech™. MOSOtech was created using tasc’s patent-pending fabrication process, BamCo®, which resulted in a fabric that hit every metric: Performance (moisture wicking, UPF 50+), Feel (absolutely amazing), and Durability (color fastness, shape retention, easy care, anti-odor). This Collection is the complete package of staples that every woman needs. The NOLA Collection is all about dependable versatility, durability that lasts season to season, and classic fitting that flatters any size or shape. Each style offers superior performance, incredibly soft comfort, and wearability that suits every lifestyle, environment, or level of activity.

In addition to our basic core colors, each season we also introduce new colors, prints, and fabric finishes for personal style and touch.


Pursue the adventure of your life in the NOLA Collection.

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