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Men’s Hoodies: Everything Yours Should Have

With an ocean of options out there, it can be hard to narrow down exactly what you should be looking for when you pick out your next hoodie. From the foundation of the fabric to the top-level details, sometimes the options can be overwhelming. We’re here to help.

In this article, we’ll walk you through all the best features in the up-and-coming wave of modern activewear, so you can feel confident in choosing a sweatshirt that has everything you need, even if you didn’t realize you needed it before.


Advancements in knowledge and technology have allowed us to move beyond the basic, traditional fabrics, which come with their fair share of problems. Today’s clothes can be better -- and it all starts with the fabric we choose to produce them with.

When considering a fabric, keep in mind what sort of practical functionality it can offer. The softness and feel of the fabric will seem like the most obvious, but other factors such as moisture-wicking capabilities, breathability, sun protection, durability, and reliability can all stem from the fabric as well.

Beyond the function it offers you personally, it’s important to be mindful of environmental impact as well. A sustainable, responsibly-made fabric takes care of the people who produce it and the world it’s produced in. You’ll feel more confident than ever knowing that the clothes you wear leave a positive impact everywhere they go, from the production line to recycling when you’re ready to part ways.

Organic Materials

Organic materials have many benefits. Most importantly, the process to produce them is environmentally conscious and beneficial to workers and their entire communities. Organic materials don’t rely on additional chemical treatments for their functional properties either, but this doesn’t mean they skimp out on practicality. In fact, they excel.

Organic Cotton

Perhaps the first fabric you would list off the top of your head, cotton is classic and popular for a reason. However, with modern advancements, cotton has advanced, too. Unlike cheap, traditional cotton, organic cotton can be produced with entirely sustainable methods.

The same soft touch and cooling fit of cotton you’d expect are still there when you choose organic. Plus, with fabrics like our bamboo-cotton mixture, we combine the classic qualities of cotton with the awesome natural benefits of bamboo. No need to worry about choosing between sustainability and function. We’ve got you covered.


We just can’t say enough about bamboo. It’s got everything -- a comfortable feel, exceptional functionality, and sustainability to boot. Bamboo comes with game-changing qualities such as moisture-wicking, odor resistance, sun protection, wrinkle resistance, and it’s even hypoallergenic.

Did we mention bamboo has all of those qualities naturally? That’s right -- no added chemical treatments to give it those benefits. Unlike synthetic materials, which often go through one or more phases of chemical treatment to create the benefits listed above, you can rest assured the natural qualities of bamboo are protecting you (especially if you have sensitive skin or allergies) and your planet.

The Best Innovations For Hoodies

Modern innovations have truly ramped up the standard of what our clothes can do for us. The pool of options for fabrics, features, and even style has expanded well beyond the traditional set to include many new advancements that are more than just fleeting trends -- they’re the new fundamentals.

Moisture Wicking

One of the most important features to look for in a hoodie is moisture-wicking. Essentially, moisture-wicking fabric pulls sweat from the surface of your body. The most effective moisture-wicking fabrics then release that moisture to dry more quickly from the surface of the fabric. 

Cheap synthetics offer some moisture-wicking properties, but high-quality fabrics such as bamboo are the most effective. In addition to keeping you dry, good moisture-wicking helps regulate your temperature as well, so your body can do what it’s good at and perform when needed.


Working closely with moisture-wicking is an equally important feature: breathability. Breathability is tied closely to your choice of fabric, but other factors such as the actual design can play a role too. 

For a breathable hoodie, it’s important to find a comfortable fit that’s not too tight. A lightweight hoodie with a high-quality fabric offers the best versatility, so you can wear it in cool or warm weather, indoors or out, and always stay comfortable. 

Sun Protection

It’s easy to think of hoodies only as a line of defense against cold, wind, and rain, but protection from UV exposure is equally important. Hoodies that take advantage of the latest innovations and highest quality fabrics can protect you from the sun and the other elements, ensuring you stay safe and healthy.

Features To Look For

There are features in a hoodie’s construction that can make a significant difference in the way your hoodie fits, feels, and performs. If you live an active lifestyle and plan to take your hoodie with you, you’ll want the features below.

The Perfect Hood

A hood is one of the most important features to look for when making sure your hoodie is comfortable and functional. A hood that’s too loose will pull back too easily, meaning it might fail you out on a run or on the bike trail. Too big of an opening will let in excessive wind as well. The right hood stays snug and protects you without feeling restrictive.

If you prefer no hood at all, there are options for you too! A quarter zip offers partial neck protection without the extra fabric of a hood. Plus, the sleek style offers a different look depending on what kind of style you’re aiming for. Check out the Carrollton Lightweight Quarter Zip if those features interest you!


Easy to overlook, the placement of seams on a hoodie can make a big difference in performance, especially when you include your hoodie in your workouts. Look for hoodies that have no top shoulder seams to give yourself the best range of movement and unhindered performance. Without these annoying seams, you can carry a gym bag in comfort, and you never have to worry about chafing. 

Performance Fit

As always, looking for the right overall fit is key. When it comes to fit, we preach balance. Anything too loose, you’ll lose comfort and find extra fabric may hinder your performance, while a hoodie that’s too tight will hinder your range of movement and reduce the effectiveness of even the most breathable fabric. 

With a Tasc Performance jacket, such as the Varsity French Terry Sweatshirt or our Cloud Golf Quarter Zip, you can be confident you’ll get a balanced fit. We always build with maximum performance and comfort in mind.

TASC Hoodies To Look For

Looking for a hoodie with all these features and more? Check out the Carrollton Lightweight Hoodie for a versatile, high-performance option that hits all the essentials. With a bamboo and organic cotton mixture, you’ll get all the great benefits of a sustainable, powerhouse fabric, plus a fitted hood, thumbholes, and performance-minded seams.


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