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3 Best Features for Men’s Sweatshirts

A comfortable, versatile sweatshirt is essential to every wardrobe, but finding the perfect men’s sweatshirt isn’t easy when you don’t know what to look for. So what kind of criteria should you use when deciding on your outerwear? 

The best sweatshirts have versatility, function, comfort, and style. Even better is a sweatshirt that hits all those categories and works for the environment. Below, we outline specific traits to look for in a sweatshirt and help you learn how to find the perfect fit for your closet.

1. Material

Have no doubt about it—fabric matters. As the foundation of any piece, the fabric is the first place to look when deciding what kind of sweatshirt to add to your collection. Here are some things to look for in a fabric:


The first key element in a fabric is comfort. A soft feel and flexible fit both start with the fabric. Since a good sweatshirt should be versatile, it’s important to find a feel that’s comfortable while you relax, during light activity, or while you’re really moving—especially if you live an active lifestyle. 


Equally important to a fabric is its functionality. A sweatshirt with high-quality materials protects you from the elements, keeps your temperature regulated, and lasts you through thick and thin. 


Another factor to consider—one that really sets apart the best from the rest—is sustainability. Sustainable, natural fabrics made through responsible production practices help to ensure the world we all live in continues to thrive, as do the people who help produce them. Natural fabrics often knock it out of the park in comfort and function, too.


When it comes to comfort, function, and sustainability, nobody beats bamboo across the board. This powerhouse of a fabric has everything you could ask for in a material. Not only does it provide all the most important benefits (moisture-wicking, sun protection, odor resistance, and more), but it does so naturally—no additional chemical treatments needed.

Organic Cotton

Best known for its comfort, this classic fabric is time-tested and proven, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. Unlike regular, cheap cotton, organic cotton is also responsibly produced and sustainable. 

Our bamboo-cotton mixture combines all the great benefits of cotton, such as a soft feel and temperature regulation, along with the natural qualities of bamboo, making for one of the most versatile, safe, and ethically responsible fabrics you’ll find.

2. Functional Features

Features like these might be easy to overlook, but take our word for it —the right features in a sweatshirt will change your life. Don’t settle for the status quo when it comes to what a sweatshirt can do for you. With new technology, features like odor resistance, sun protection, moisture resistance, and more come packed in. The best part is, with bamboo fabric, it’s all natural.

Odor Resistance

Most outerwear tends to trap odor over time due to the materials used and the lack of breathability. Some synthetic materials can resist this, but the downsides of using chemicals that can harm both you and the environment are hard to ignore. 

That’s where bamboo fiber comes in. Naturally odor resistant, bamboo fiber protects from odor buildup over time, without any negative effects to worry about.

Sun Protection

Protection from the elements means more than just rain and wind. Protection from harmful sun exposure is a key factor to consider: one that’s often overlooked when choosing outerwear. Clothing with included UV protection is a huge plus for your own safety and health. And guess what? Bamboo fabric has this built right in. 

Moisture Resistance 

It’s in the name—a good sweatshirt works for you when you sweat, not against you. Moisture-wicking technology is essential to keeping you dry and cool when the heat turns up, whether from the elements or your workout. Moisture-wicking pulls sweat and moisture away from your body, but bamboo takes this a step further, releasing the moisture into the air rapidly so that you and your shirt stay dry and comfortable.

3. The Right Fit

The right fit is more than just an accurate size. How an item fits you can determine how comfortable and functional it is, and it has big impacts on style too. Knowing what to look for in a fit can be the difference between an item that is just technically the right size and an item that truly looks and feels as good as possible. Let’s take a look at what kinds of details can set you up for success.

Beyond the Size

Ultimately, the right fit is up to your preference. That doesn’t mean there aren’t specific things you can look for to help you find what works for you, keeping the process quick and smooth. We find that it’s all about balance. Anything too rigid or tight, and you lose practicality and range of movement, while a fit that’s too loose sacrifices comfort and style. The middle ground results in a sleek, stylish, functional sweatshirt. 

It’s always helpful to keep the rest of your wardrobe in mind when you decide on a style.

To fill a more casual role, a hoodie is a perfect choice. If you’re looking to dress your sweatshirt up or down, a quarter-zip or crewneck offers great versatility. Think ahead about what kind of items you’ll layer your sweatshirt with as well. 

Deciding a fit and style can affect your sweatshirt’s function, too. Depending on your needs, you may prefer a hood or zip-up collar, which gives added protection from the elements. On the other hand, the freedom of the classic crewneck offers the best range of movement and potential for additional layering.

4 Way Stretch Capabilities

Flexible fabrics and fit grow more and more popular for their many benefits. Added durability and comfort means you can take your sweatshirt through whatever situation comes your way. 

Sometimes stretch fabrics come with the sacrifice of comfort or quality, but with natural bamboo-cotton fiber mixtures, you’ll find a flexible fit without sacrificing the essentials. If you’re living an active lifestyle and you plan to take your sweatshirt with you on runs, hikes, or to a workout, stretch fabric may be the way to go for you.

Lightweight Designs

For an active lifestyle, balance is key. Lightweight sweatshirts help to achieve just that, allowing full range of movement while keeping your temperature from getting too hot or cool. A lightweight sweatshirt can go with you in warmer or colder weather, indoors or outdoors. These designs have the added benefit of packing easier if you’re often on the road and layering well if you need additional warmth in the thick of winter. 

The tasc Sweatshirts You Need

Now that we’ve laid out the best features to look for, we’ll help you find the perfect sweatshirt for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a weekend hoodie, an extra layer for your workouts, or just a versatile fashion piece, there’s something here for you.

Carrollton Lightweight Hoodie

The perfect performance sweatshirt, our Carrolton Lightweight Hoodie shines with functional features, including thumbholes, a performance hood, and new technology to keep you cool and comfortable. Whether you’re out for a run or headed to some weekend leisure, this hoodie is ready to become your go-to.

Varsity French Terry Sweatshirt

We combined classic style with the latest technology to bring the ultimate layering piece. With 4-way stretch capabilities, breathable fabric, and temperature regulation, the Varsity French Terry Sweatshirt is perfect for taking out on a hike, throwing the ball around, or just heading out for an evening walk.

Carrollton Lightweight Quarter Zip

Another versatile performance piece, the Carrollton Lightweight Quarter Zip brings a slick style to the table without sacrificing function. Throw it on for a bike ride on a cool evening, a trip downtown, or a higher intensity workout.


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