Jill Marie Takes the Fall Line for a Spin
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Jill Marie Takes the Fall Line for a Spin

Photo credits: Tomas Orihuela

Photo credit: Tomas OrihuelaAs far as New Orleans runners go, local tasc Ambassador and marathoner, Jill Marie Kenyon, is about as legit as you can get. We’re talking about a woman who has completed 13 marathons, including two Boston Marathons and three Chicago Marathons. She will run her third of the six World Marathon Majors next month in Berlin and is on track (no pun intended) to compete in the final three Majors within the coming years. When she’s not starting her morning with a casual 22-mile run, coaching aspiring marathon runners as a part of her RRCA certification, or dedicating countless hours to worthy causes like the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, you can find Jill Marie providing legal assistance at a local insurance defense firm. As impressed as we are with Jill Marie’s incomparable ability to turn bucket lists into laundry lists of accomplishments, that’s how impressed Jill Marie is with tasc products.

A Day in the Fall Line

We asked Jill Marie, who knows our brand as well as anyone, to take our new fall line for a spin. Here’s how it played into her every day:

Rise in Style: Morning Fitness

Jill Marie’s Fall Picks:


Jill Marie’s Tip: Reward yourself! Whether you’re finding that perfect pair of comfortable leggings that make you confidently wake up each morning or treating yourself to coffee and beignets after a long run...find the things that make waking up that much more exciting.


Work the Room: Office Functionality

Jill Marie’s Fall Picks:

(Try styling this classic number with a Skinny Black work pant and blazer or skinny jeans and flats)

Jill Marie’s Tip: If you’re looking for a breathable fabric that is delightful to the touch but still delivers on the latest trends and styles, look no further than tasc Performance. I use a great number of their pieces as a shell for workwear because they pair so easily with a cardigan or skirt.


Feel at Home Everywhere: Everyday Leisure

Jill Marie’s Fall Picks:


Jill Marie’s Tip: Comfort is key, but finding clothing that keeps out the funk is also a must. Whether I’m running errands, lounging, or just doing chores around the house, I’ve come to really appreciate the odor-resistant feature of tasc’s bamboo fabrics and I promise, you will too.


20 Minutes to a Fitter You

Check out this 20-minute workout utilizing only 3 exercises, written by Jill Marie herself:

Jump Rope for 30 seconds.
Plank for 30 seconds.
Jump Rope for 1 minute.
Plank for 1 minute.
Jump Rope for 2 minutes.
Plank for 1 minute.
Repeat the above 3 times, then finish with 50 Russian Twists.

Some Insight from Jill Marie:
Jumping Rope: This is my favorite workout! Jumping rope has so many benefits because it is a total-body workout.  It will boost your cardiovascular fitness, strengthen and sculpt your muscles, especially your arms and legs, and enhance coordination and speed.  As a runner, I like that this allows me to practice quick feet and increase my cadence. Jumping rope is an inexpensive, portable and convenient workout tool. You can do it anywhere, and it’s perfect for traveling.
Planks: We all know how to plank, but I like to add a little extra to it.  While you’re in the plank position, focus on driving your elbows towards your feet.  This extra move will take your plank to the next level, and you will feel it in your core even more. It will be a little harder, but you’ll reap the benefits.
Russian Twist: You can do these on the floor or the bench, with or without hand weights/medicine ball. Holding a sit-up position, twist from side-to-side touching your hands on the floor on each side of you. If you are doing this on a bench, you really want to twist and test your balancing skills.


Spotify Playlist

I love to listen to all sorts of music. Endurance running is a mental game and sometimes the music helps me think of good memories, so even slow ballads pump me up if they trigger a happy thought. Enjoy this playlist of some of my favorite workout jams. 


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