Tennis Skirt Outfit Trends
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Tennis Skirt Outfit Trends

The tennis skirt has been a popular piece of activewear for decades, offering style, performance, and versatility. Now the trend is back in full force, and women everywhere are learning how to make the most of this trendy athletic garment.

Here are some tips on selecting the best tennis skirt for your needs, some tips on how to style it, and where you can find some more inspiration online.

What Is a Tennis Skirt?

The tennis skirt got its name for a reason – it’s shorter than most classic skirts (averaging 13 inches in length) and is perfect for maximizing performance on the court.

Tennis skirts keep you cool, provide a great range of movement, and give you a chance to show off some style while you play tennis or enjoy other casual activities.

Since men typically opt for lightweight shorts, women have a wonderful alternative in the form of a tennis skirt. You don’t need to be one of the Williams sisters to enjoy these versatile garments, either!

What Should I Look for in a Tennis Skirt?

There are a few key features that you should look for when shopping for tennis skirts. Keep these criteria in mind as you browse selections online, in-stores, or at your local pro shop.

Sustainable Fabrics

Fabric is everything when it comes to clothes, especially with activewear. Selecting sustainable fabrics should always be a top priority.

On top of sustainable manufacturing practices like clean energy and low-waste standards, these fabrics also tend to last longer and offer performance advantages.

You won’t have to cycle through new clothes every few months due to rapid wear and tear.

Look for materials like bamboo viscose and organic cotton. These offer sustainability for the environment and your wardrobe – the best of both worlds.


Tennis demands quick reaction times and a complete range of movement for all parts of the body.

Even if you aren’t on the court, you don’t want anything weighing you down. That’s why the best tennis skirts are extremely lightweight and non-restrictive.

Moisture Wicking

During a heated match, you’re going to break a sweat eventually.

Moisture-wicking fabrics like bamboo viscose and polyester are designed to draw moisture away from the skin and to the surface of the garment, where it can evaporate out of sight and out of mind.

UPF Sun Protection

Tennis is best enjoyed in the summer sun, but you don’t want to risk harmful UV exposure on your thighs – those burns can be a major pain!

Look for tennis skirts that guarantee UPF 50+ sun protection, so you don’t have to worry about getting fried by rays during lengthy outdoor bouts.


You’re huffing and puffing during a tennis match to keep that oxygen flowing, but your skin needs to breathe too.

Tennis skirts are naturally built to permit airflow where you need it most, but the fabric also matters. Pick premium, breathable fabrics that won’t cause you to overheat down below.

How Do I Style a Tennis Skirt?

The performance aspect of your tennis skirt is important, but let’s not neglect style! With the athleisure trend officially bigger than ever, you want to make the most of your tennis skirt by assembling the perfect outfit every time.

Here are some tips for piecing together a tennis skirt lookbook of your own.

Button Downs

Business on the top, casual on the bottom. It’s an unusual balance that somehow works perfectly, especially if you pick a breezy button-down and wear it open with messy rolled-up sleeves.

Office appropriate? Maybe not, but this look is great for a casual stroll downtown or a day at the beach.


Compared to all the creative tops out there, a crewneck might seem like a boring choice, but don’t underestimate the classic crew.

You can enjoy some more coverage up top for cooler weather and seamlessly transition from work-at-home to workouts at the gym or outside. Long or short sleeves – it’s all good.

Avoid the starchy all-cotton crews and find some lightweight, stretchy fabrics for more comfort and performance.

A Cardigan Set

These aren’t your grandma’s cardigans we’re talking about. The updated version of the cardigan is long, flowing, and made from beautiful lightweight materials, just like your favorite new tennis skirt.

This is the perfect top for casual wear during your daily outings or just warming up on the bench in between tennis sets on a colder day in spring or fall.

Crop Tops

Ready to show off that flat tummy you’ve been working so hard for in the gym? The crop top can be done in a classy and fashionable way when paired with a sensible tennis skirt.

These tops allow you to stay cool and move with confidence on the court. Plus, you can always match them up with sweaters, crews, cardigans, or other pieces of outerwear for a layered look.

Ankle Socks

Some ladies like to wear long socks to balance out their short-skirt look, but ankle socks are going to be your best bet for comfort and performance during games or workouts.

Pick up a pack of comfy ankle socks in black, white, grey, and other colors to match every look you can imagine.

Chunky Sneakers

Tennis sneakers are traditionally built with more bulk to provide ankle support during cross-court sprints and quick pivots. 

These types of shoes are also very in-vogue at the moment, so they can be worn pretty much wherever and whenever you want. Some high-fashion sneakers are not meant for the court, of course, so know what you’re getting into before you buy.

A Claw Clip

You may love your long, flowing hair, but it should be up and out of the way when you’re playing tennis. Keep at least a couple of claw clips close by because we know how they tend to mysteriously go missing so often.

Chunky Gold Hoop Earrings

A little jewelry never hurts, so why not spice things up with your tennis skirt outfit? The tennis bracelet is an obvious classic, but earrings also deserve some attention.

Gold hoop earrings are popular at the moment, but you might want to go for a smaller, chunky version instead of the big ones that you’d wear out on the town.

Where Can I Find New Tennis Skirt Outfit Ideas?

Sometimes you want to think outside the box and go beyond the traditional tennis gear catalog looks. Here’s where to find some inspiration online.


The Gram is home to countless athleisure accounts that showcase the latest styles and tell you what the influencers are wearing each day.

Follow your favorite female tennis players, or just stick to the fashionistas. Many accounts will also feature links to key products that you can purchase on the in-app marketplace.


If you want to see tennis outfits in action (opposed to just pictures), TikTok is where to look. You can see how tennis skirts actually flow in real-time and determine if they’re the right picks for you.


For more comprehensive style guides, Pinterest is a great pick. You can learn about what specific pieces go into each outfit and learn more about the items from blogs and publications that post on the platform.

No matter where you get your inspiration from, you really can’t go wrong with tennis skirts! Follow our suggestions and remember to always opt for stylish, sustainable items above all.


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