Masculine Clothing: Why Guys Prefer Tasc
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Masculine Clothing: Why Guys Prefer Tasc

If you’re anything like us, you probably look back on the clothing you wore when you were younger and wonder, “Why did I ever wear that?” This is especially true when looking back on our college and high school years.

For most of us, we simply didn’t understand the core principles of masculine fashion at the time. Unfortunately, it’s not something men have traditionally talked about much, which makes it difficult for young and older men alike to learn.

Today, Tasc Performance has a simple guide to masculine clothing to help change that. We’re going to walk through the most important aspects each of your outfits should have, and we’ll also show you some favorite styles in our Tasc Performance men’s collections that meet (and exceed) all standards.

Let’s get started!

What Makes Clothing Masculine?

Men’s fashion is all about a balanced fit, appropriate styles, and the right combinations of colors and patterns. While these factors aren’t exclusive to men’s fashion, they are certainly important. 

The Right Fit

The most important job that the right fit works toward is making sure you feel comfortable. In tandem with the best materials, an item that fits well instantly feels good on your body and continues to feel good throughout the day.

Conversely, clothes that are too tight are immediately uncomfortable and worsen throughout the day. The same can be said for baggy clothes that are too big. Though not quite as constricting and comfort-killing as excessively tight clothes, baggy clothes can bunch up and bother you while you relax or get in the way while you’re out and about.

That said, tight or baggy clothes have their place. Compression clothing is ideal for certain workouts, and a baggysweatshirt can be a cool look in the right kind of outfit. In general, a mature, masculine aesthetic works best with a balanced fit.

The right fit isn’t just about comfort. Few things ruin a look like clothes that don’t fit properly. Bad fits tend to imply a lack of intentionality in a style. In other words, they usually look lazy. 

If you’re planning to dress to impress — even in casual situations — you need a proper fit.

The Right Style

The right style is the one that best fits the occasion. Slapping on yesterday’s workout outfit for today’s business meeting probably isn’t the best move, even for the most versatile attire.

Like the right fit, matching your style to the occasion can say a lot about how much thought and intent went into your outfit. In a practical sense, it’s an important step, too. You’ll need certain features to keep you cool and comfortable in a variety of situations.

To build a proactive wardrobe that makes this step easier, choose versatile styles with the best performance features (such as breathable material, stretch, and moisture-wicking) alongside a soft feel. 

That way, you can focus on picking an aesthetically pleasing outfit without worrying about the functional side of things.

Some of the most iconic staples of masculine style are menswear classics like:

  • Button-down shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Workwear (overalls, boots, heavy-duty tees, work pants)
  • Flannel shirts
  • Button-upvests
  • Formal wear (blazers and suits)

Men’s clothing brands have been producing these items for decades, shaping how men dress. Even with the rise of gender-neutral and more feminine clothes, the more masculine look is as popular as ever.

The Right Colors and Patterns

Choosing the right colors and patterns is core to masculine attire. While trends are always changing, there are a few basic rules that always stay relevant. 

For example, when it comes to mixing patterns, don’t use multiple patterns that are similar. Pinstripes and windowpane combine for a clashing, tacky look, but pinstripes and microdots can work well together when paired intentionally.

Mixing patterns successfully takes some experience, so the safest way for those just starting to give their fashion real thought is to stick to one patterned item per outfit.

Muted colors are also preferred to bright, saturated ones in masculine clothing. This is a general rule, but don't be afraid to add a bit of color as a highlight. The most important thing is to ensure your highlight colors are balanced by muted, neutral colors such as white, black, grey, or navy.

What Should You Look for in Masculine Clothing?

With the standards now set, how exactly should you find clothes that meet them? Here are some actual clothing qualities that look for that guarantee versatile, ready-to-perform styles for any occasion.

Moisture-Wicking Material

Most men sweat. It’s a blessing and a curse, essential to our survival but often detrimental to our appearance and comfort. With moisture-wicking clothing, we can use nature and science to help mitigate these issues.

Moisture-wicking is a process by which a fabric draws moisture (such as sweat) off of your skin and out to the surface of the material, where it then evaporates. 

It’s an essential component when it comes to staying dry, but don’t confuse moisture-wicking with moisture-absorbing. Fabrics like traditional cotton absorb moisture very well but hold on to it for a long time, which means they aren’t moisture-wicking.

Lightweight and Breathable

Heavy, stuffy clothes are a quick guarantee for getting overheated and uncomfortable. Whether you’re looking for casual clothes or exercise-oriented activewear, you’ll need a material that allows airflow. 

Along with moisture-wicking, lightweight and breathable clothes are essential so that your body can go about thermoregulating (keeping your internal temperature where it needs to be) unhindered.

4-Way Stretch

Flexibility isn’t just an important human trait — it’s essential for our clothes, too! When life stretches you with a new challenge, your clothes shouldn’t make it any harder. With 4-way stretch capability, you’ll find an unhindered range of movement for any and every task that comes your way.

Stretch can also help keep you comfortable, especially if you’re changing your posture frequently. 


Remember that sweat we talked about? Even with moisture-wicking clothing, some of the odors from that sweat end up trapped in the material. These odors can remain even through washing, eventually leading to odor build-up that ruins your clothes.

This is a common issue in synthetic fabrics and traditional cotton. Still, with anti-odor fabrics (such as our signature fabrics here at Tasc Performance), your clothes stay fresh and achieve a longer life because of it.

UPF 50+ Sun Protection

What’s more masculine than being prepared? Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re invincible to the sun. Even with clothing, harmful UV rays can penetrate your skin with dangerous consequences. 

Thanks to materials such as bamboo, UPF 50+ sun protection (the highest rating at the Skin Cancer Foundation) has your back (and legs, and arms).

Why Do Guys Prefer Tasc Performance?

You might be reading this guide and thinking, “That’s a lot to look for in some clothes! I’d rather keep things simple.”

We’re right there with you, which is why we did the hard work up front to make your style decisions even easier! 

Comfortable and Stylish

The key to our clothing is our bamboo-organic cotton fabric blend. Bamboo is a super sustainable fabric that includes each of the qualities we discussed in this guide to the highest degree. 

Blended with organic cotton, the result is an incredibly soft material that performs with uncompromising strength when you need it. We also work hard to design styles that are versatile, timeless, and easy to work into your everyday wardrobe.

Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Wear

Most men live active lifestyles that bring them into many different environments, indoors and out. Our Tasc Performance styles are built to handle any conditions you run up against. Our bamboo styles are up to the test whether you’re soaking wet or under the scorching sun.

Made With Sustainable Materials

Another core aspect of true masculinity is responsibility. Taking care of our planet and the future generations that will inhabit it starts with every consumer decision we make today, including our clothes.

That’s why we place such importance on sustainability here at Tasc. Our styles put the environment and communities around them first, ensuring that our practices are eco and human-friendly.

We focus on highly sustainable materials like bamboo and organic cotton and ensure that 100% of the power required to run our knitting and sewing facility is generated from solar and wind.

Revamp Your Wardrobe With Tasc

Make shopping simpler by upgrading your wardrobe with some of our most popular men’s styles, such as the Carrollton Fitness T-Shirt, Motion Pants, and Cloud Lightweight Polo.

For all things men’s fashion and more, stay tuned to our Tasc Performance blog!



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